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Happy New Year from Evernight!

Now that the Christmas cookies are gone, gifts unwrapped, and your holiday visitors have left, you’ve earned some well-deserved TLC. Evernight authors not only have the cure for your holiday hangover, they have fantastic new books for your 2015 reading list, too!

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So sink into your favorite chair and enjoy your holiday hangover!

We all know that there is no perfect cure for a hangover. There are ways to ensure that you don’t get a bad hangover, like not drinking excessively, lining your stomach with a good meal and drinking at least a pint of water before you go to sleep. Then there is a wide variety of medication that you can take the next day to relieve the symptoms of your hangover and you can also drink lots of fluids, try to eat (not always easy) and raise your blood sugar with a sweet drink like cola. But arguably the best thing for you is to take it easy, get lots of rest, sleep if you need it and flush your body out with water and juice.
While you’re resting (because you deserve it, of course) why not grab a good book and take your mind off how rough you’re feeling? Try this cunning method of distraction and let me know how you get on. If you indulge yourself with one or more of Evernight’s erotic reads, you’ll probably find that you feel hot for different reasons altogether!


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#coverreveal – Mistletoe Menage – by Molly Ann Wishlade @evernightpub

MistletoeMénage-evernightpublishing2-3DrenderSo earlier today I revealed my cover for Mistletoe Menage, my Rubenesque Regency Romance, which is coming soon with Evernight Publishing. Now I thought I’d treat you to a short excerpt. Enjoy! xxx

Teaser Excerpt – Mistletoe Ménage – by Molly Ann Wishlade

“Where have you been?” Edward snapped as he sprang to his feet.
Guy laid his hat and jacket on the chair on top of Edward’s then offered a conciliatory smile. “I have begun to seduce her, as you wished.”
Edward stared at the younger man. His face was flushed and beautiful with youth and happiness, and his eyes sparkled silver-blue like the snow under the crisp winter sun. He reached out and caressed Guy’s cheek, rasping his thumbnail against the stubble on Guy’s skin.
“How was she?”
Guy glanced at his feet and cleared his throat.
“Guy?” Edward’s heart pounded hard beneath his white cotton shirt as an idea began to unfurl in his mind. “Guy?”
The artist met his gaze and smiled. “She is…as you described. Beautiful, cultured, well-mannered. Though she was also…”
“Tell me!” Edward was surprised at his own tone. He had sent Guy out to Anne, knowing she was a widow now. She had been widowed eighteen months, in fact, but he’d been abroad when her husband had passed, and only returned six months since with Guy in his employ. As a widow, previously married to a much older man, Edward hoped she would now be ripe for the picking. All his memories of Anne were of a tender, voluptuous, sensual woman ready for marriage and mating. He had held back from taking her during their courtship in spite of his burning desire to make her his as soon as possible. He had been prepared to wait until they were safely wed before he bedded her, but then she had given herself to another. A fat, greasy businessman who was surely no match for her elegance and beauty. Yes, it was true that she had no family name to match his own, but he had not cared a jot for that. After seeing his parents’ loveless marriage, Edward had harbored no intentions of marrying for money and social connections. Perhaps he had been a romantic, a dreamer, a fool. Yes…he had been a fool because he had believed that she loved him as much as he loved her. She had broken his heart in two.
As he would hers. With Guy’s assistance.
“I went to her home as agreed, Edward. It didn’t take much to encourage her to allow me to sketch her.” Guy didn’t finish his sentence but Edward knew what he meant. Anne had allowed the artist to see her naked, in all her milky-white-skinned beauty as he had longed to do. Well, he would see her thus. And soon. But it might take one or two more visits from Guy first.
“But you did not…”
Guy shook his head. “No I did not take her fully. I kissed her and caressed her and tasted her. She really has the sweetest flavor, like honey-cake and madeira wine.” Guy licked his lips and Edward pulled him into his arms and kissed him hard. He pressed his tongue between Guy’s teeth and plundered the younger man’s mouth, desperate to find some trace of Anne. Guy responded to him, running his hands down over Edward’s behind, and squeezing his firm cheeks until Edward knew that they’d continue this until they were both spent.
Edward pulled away and stared into Guy’s eyes. “Will she surrender? Do you really believe she will?”
Something flashed across Guy’s face and Edward wondered at it for a moment. Was it guilt? Regret?
“I believe that she will, Edward. I truly believe that. She is lonely and needy. I don’t think she has been loved as a woman should. She is not like the others.” His golden eyebrows met above his aquiline nose as he frowned. “They are grasping, clawing, and it’s all about them. But Anne Blackburn, she responded so sweetly and so tenderly that it was hard to leave her. The others I could not wait to escape from once I had attended to their needs but with Anne…”
Edward swallowed hard. He could see in Guy that same affection growing for Anne that he had once felt. Was it because Guy was his lover and they were in some way similar in their tastes? Guy did not usually lust after women. He had lain with women of the ton for Edward’s sake so that his plan would work, but when they took a woman together it was Edward who desired the female presence most. Guy just seemed to go through the experience to please his patron. So Edward was surprised that Guy actually seemed to be attracted to Anne. Yet he should not be, because she truly was beautiful in an innocent yet worldly way. She was a walking oxymoron of naïve experience and virtuous passion—a spring waiting to be tapped like the one in Bath which offered restorative properties and improved health to those who drank from it. Would Edward’s mind and body improve under Anne’s tender ministrations? Lord knew that he had not been right since he lost her. He had never again experienced that same joy and hope that she had given him during their brief courtship. And though he knew that he wanted to hurt her, he also knew that a life without her in it would be a dull life indeed. But crush her he would to avenge himself for the way she had torn his heart and life to shreds.
“Undress, Guy.” Edward pulled off his own clothes and watched as his lover did the same. When they were both naked, Edward pulled Guy to him and kissed him again, this time more tenderly than before. Guy ground his hips into Edward so that their erections met and their mutual arousal intensified.
Edward reached around his lover and slipped his finger between the artist’s tight buttocks, sliding it into the tight heat that he longed to penetrate with his cock. Guy gasped against Edward’s mouth. “Let me suck you first.”
“Yes.” Edward allowed Guy to lower him to the bed, then he surrendered to the hot mouth and tongue of his lover, his pleasure all the sweeter because he knew that the very same lips had so recently caressed the woman he loved.
(c) Molly Ann Wishlade 2014


#coverreveal – Mistletoe Menage – by Molly Ann Wishlade @evernightpub

I’m so excited to reveal my new cover to you today! My Rubenesque Regency Romance novella is coming soon with Evernight Publishing.

So…here we go…


Here’s the blurb:

It is 1816. Anne Blackburn is a voluptuous thirty-two year old widow. Due to her family inheritance and the fortune left to her by her husband, she is a wealthy woman, and she moves in the social circles of London’s upper class.
Anne has sworn never to marry again. However, she cannot help yearning to find out more about the pleasures of the flesh. Her deceased husband was more father than lover but she has felt passion once—before she married over six years ago.
Edward Moore loved Anne and proposed to her but when he left London to seek his father’s blessing, Anne was approached by Lord Moore’s lawyer who told her to forget Edward. If she refused, Edward would be disinherited. When Alfred Blackburn asked for her hand in marriage, Ann accepted to set Edward free.
Now there is an artist in London with a mysterious patron. Mr. Guy Harper provides the ladies he paints with certain erotic extras. When Anne commissions a portrait from him, she gets more than she could have imagined in her wildest dreams.
But will her mistletoe ménage become a painful humiliation or the stepping stone into her very own happy ever after?


Cowboys and Corsets #wildwildcowboys @ukcarina #wildwildwest

I, for one, adore cowboys and corsets. In all of the historical Westerns I’ve written so far, cowboys and corsets feature heavily.

In this post, I’m going to focus on cowboys. (If you want to read about my love of corsets, check out the post Why We Love The Corset at Butterfly Corsets.)

So what is it about cowboys?

I think that a childhood spent with my fabulous little Granny and her own fascination with the Wild West probably started it all. We’d sit and eat hot strawberry jam toasties on a Saturday afternoon, whilst watching the likes of John Wayne, Kirk Douglas and Clint Eastwood swagger across the screen of a tiny portable television. Their arrogance and pride, their chaps and Stetsons and their love of the land all hooked me right there and then. They were respectful towards women (usually) and they would bare knuckle fight anyone who insulted their own woman or family.



Now, even as a child, I knew that they were acting but it opened a whole new world to me, one where men were chivalrous and masculine with integrity and a thirst for justice. Growing up in the Welsh valleys, the Wild West was a complete contrast and I became fascinated by the wild and rugged landscape and the men who sought to tame it.

My western novels are set in the 1800s. I’m addicted to historical romances and historical novels and I love reading about different times. I’m always thinking ‘what if…’ when I read and write and I like to consider how my characters would have coped with the challenges of day to day life back then, as well as how they’d behave when faced with love and loss. Romance novels require a strong, honourable and sexy hero and cowboys epitomise this. These heroes are brave, deep and honest. They don’t want any trouble but if it finds them, they face it with courage and they stick to their principles – and their guns! 😉 They also have deep dark eyes, broad toned shoulders, thick muscular thighs and abs to die for… but I have to give the heroine (and my lovely reader) a bit of what she fancies!


Add to these qualities an air of mystery and independence, and what more could you wish for? The cowboy often has a past that would make many lesser men break down but he bears it admirably and he doesn’t harp on about how hard he’s had it. It might mean that he has a secret vulnerability that only the heroine can soothe and when he does ‘open up’, it’s a beautiful and sensitive moment. His desire for independence means that he works his land and he cares for his animals, he has the means to support himself and his family and he doesn’t need anyone or anything else. In fact, he doesn’t give a damn what others think. In a society where we deal constantly with job insecurities, rising living costs and are relentlessly bombarded by the message that we need to be better in all areas of our lives, it’s no wonder that the cowboy hero is so appealing.

What’s that? Did I hear you say… Go on, remind me!



He’ll gallop in on his horse, scoop you up in his arms and seat you on the saddle in front of him, then carry you back to his homestead where he’ll make sweet love to you in his rough and ready, yet extremely sensual way, and offer you your Happy Ever After (in more ways than one) as only a cowboy can.

Who’s your favourite cowboy her0? Why not let me know at #wildwildcowboys @ukcarina @misswishlade by Thursday 21st August and you could win some sexy stationery featuring my gorgeous covers for The Wild Wild West novella series.


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#Bound – #wildwildwest- #comingsoon with Carina UK


Charlie stared into the fire as he sipped his coffee. The bitter taste flooded his mouth and he savoured the heat as he swallowed. He needed this to stay alert. He’d thought he would have more trouble finding the pretty Miss Layla Powell but she’d been as easy to find as a wounded animal. An apt comparison, he mused. There was something about her that seemed wounded. Though she’d attempted to exert some kind of snooty attitude towards him, her eyes were wary and she just oozed vulnerability. He needed to be firm with her, to find out why she’d behaved as she had, but he was already struggling to remain aloof. He just couldn’t pinpoint exactly why.
Now the question was…what would he do with her?
He’d had a physical description of her in her letter but she’d not done herself justice. He glanced sideways at her. She was a real beauty. If you liked that sort of thing. Auburn hair tumbled down her back like a titian waterfall and even in the darkness he could tell that her eyes were the colour of emeralds. Her profile showed a small nose which turned up slightly at the end and a sweet full mouth like a rosebud about to bloom. That mouth would no doubt be delicious to kiss and the thought of it wrapped around his erect girth flooded his body with heat.
He frowned.
What was he thinking? He hadn’t kissed a woman in a long time and he rarely reacted to one in this way. Perhaps it was just the lateness of the hour and the excitement of finding her in the woods. A bit like the thrill of hunting. He’d been the hunter. She was the prey. As sweet and gentle as a doe. Although she hadn’t been as difficult to catch as some animals. But did his cock have to harden when he’d held her against his chest and breathed in her scent? His body had completely overreacted to her proximity and it was baffling the hell out of him.
He had to keep calm. Be rational. Layla didn’t seem to realise who he was and he wanted to keep it that way for a while. Better to play the role of ‘good sheriff’ while he figured her out and found out if she really was the little swindler that her behaviour suggested she was. Surely a woman who could take a man’s hard-earned money then run off with it wasn’t the type of woman he wanted living at his homestead?
“So, Miss Powell…” He drained his coffee. “Would you like to explain to me why you’re wandering around in the Black Hills? Alone.”


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What Gideon did next… #bookboyfriend erotic excerpt



Gideon had hardened instantly when he’d emerged from the trees and seen Harry working Amber’s beautiful naked body. Her full breasts had bounced around as she’d come into Harry’s mouth, and Gideon had relished the pleasure he’d seen on his lover’s face. Harry hadn’t looked so happy in such a long time, and it lifted Gideon’s heart to see him smiling, relaxing and … was he falling in love? His previous doubts had sunk from his mind like rocks to the bottom of a pond. If Miss Amber Carpenter could have such a positive effect upon his lover, then Gideon didn’t want to be the man to destroy that joy, however temporary.



Gideon had hoped to see Harry penetrate the woman with his cock when he’d moved up her body, but no, Harry had been concerned mainly with her pleasure. It was the same between him and Harry. Gideon had to take the lead and sometimes insist that Harry accept pleasure. It was the way that things worked between them. Harry liked to please. But pleasuring him was a delight that Gideon enjoyed immensely, especially when he drove his cock into Harry’s tight ass whilst jacking him off with his hand.

He felt his erection swelling as Harry suckled him now. Damn, the man was good. And having a naked woman crawling across the ground on her knees towards him just increased the pleasure of the experience. He watched her large bosoms swaying as she crawled, her eyes full of curiosity and hunger. All his fantasies were happening at once!

He arched into Harry’s experienced mouth as Harry felt around his ass and found the back of his ball-sack. His lover stroked there for a while then worked his finger upwards and fondled his anus. Gideon spread his legs wider, and he groaned as Harry entered him.

Amber reached his feet and sat up on her knees. She was a fine looking woman. “Play with your tits!” Gideon growled the order, not even sure if she was up for this. But she did it. She cupped and squeezed her breasts, whilst looking seductively up at him from beneath her thick black eyelashes. She pulled her nipples hard so that they pointed towards him.

Damn it all to hell!

Harry increased his pace, his mouth and tongue working rapidly and regularly, up and down, round and round. He probed the tiny slit in Gideon’s cock end, and he worked his finger in Gideon’s ass, circling, probing, rubbing. The sensations made Gideon’s head swim, and he felt like his knees would give way and his heart burst forth from his chest. And when he felt like he could take no more, Amber reached out and grabbed his balls.

His cock swelled, his sack tightened, and he came hard, shooting deep into Harry’s welcoming throat.


Erotic Boxing Day Teaser – Wanton in the Wild West


“You all right there, Miss Carpenter?” Gideon’s deep voice startled her, and her cheeks filled with heat.
“Yes!” She lifted her chin and increased the speed of her fan. “Why? Shouldn’t I be?”
As he watched her with his dark fathomless eyes, she felt like he could see right into her mind and read her naughty thoughts. Ridiculous. Really. But it was like he was roaming around in her head, peering into all the darkest corners. A shiver ran down her spine like a mischievous finger.



“Glad to hear it.” He doffed his black hat then returned to his little black book, a smile playing on his full lips. Amber stared at them for a moment over the top of her fan, musing about how it would feel to kiss him. The thought sent a hot flush flooding through her body. It tingled under her armpits and swirled in her stomach.
“What are you writing in there?” Amber queried and leaned forwards a little as if to try to see his scribblings.
“Oh nothing of interest, Ma’am. Just working out some figures is all.” He winked then, and Amber stiffened in surprise. The gesture, though unacceptably familiar, had made her heart leap.


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Happy Boxing Day!!! 🙂 xxx