#bookreview – It Happened One Christmas

It Happened One Christmas: Christmas Eve Proposal\The Viscount's Christmas Kiss\Wallflower, Widow...Wife!It Happened One Christmas: Christmas Eve Proposal\The Viscount’s Christmas Kiss\Wallflower, Widow…Wife! by Carla Kelly
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is a beautiful festive read featuring three historical tales from three talented authors! Sweet, sensual and incredibly romantic, this a real Christmas treat, although you could read it at any time of the year when you want to lose yourself in gorgeously written historical romance.

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Congratulations to @jessmichaelsbks on her #50th #book #release!

Today I’m sending congratulations to fellow historical romance author Jess Michaels as she is releasing her 50th novel!!!!



JessMichaels_TheScoundrelsLover_200Find out what happens when Annabelle becomes The Scoundrel’s Lover by picking it up now (and there’s a special 2.99 pre-order price that ends today)! http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00TNB12DQ




#bookreview – Captured Countess – by @annlethbridge #harlequinhistorical

Captured CountessCaptured Countess by Ann Lethbridge
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This novel was suspenseful, sensual and sexy!
The story follows Nicoletta, the Countess Vilandry, and Gabriel D’Arcy as they try to work out whether loyalties lie with France or England. As they embark upon the game of seduction, they become more embroiled than they ever could have imagined.
The story moves quickly and there are some extremely passionate and intensely romantic moments as the characters become intimately acquainted. There is also an element of the paranormal involved which adds an enchanting twist.
Ann Lethbridge’s historical novels are vivid and meticulously researched and her characters are endearing and intriguing.

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#guestpost – Inspired By A Book – By Jess Michaels @jessmichaelsbks

Hi everyone and thanks so much to Molly for having me here today! You’re getting me during a release week (my newest erotic historical romance, A MOMENT OF PASSION, came out on October 14) so I’m at a very exciting point right now. Almost 50 books published and a release week is still exciting.

MomentOfPassion-A72lg I’m often asked by readers about how I get my ideas, which always makes me laugh. My problem isn’t needing ideas, it’s having too many. They wake me up at night, invade the shower, yell at me in the car, pop up when I’m reading or watching TV and pretty much any time I don’t have a notebook and pen close by. It’s fun to have them, fun to plan them, but also really tiring.
What I can tell you is that sometimes a book or a series is inspired by one little thing. It could be a great character (like my Mistress Matchmaker in the series of the same name) or an act (like the kidnapping of a woman that inspired my Pleasure Wars series) or even an item. My newest series is that kind of series.
It all started with a book. I had this idea about a scandalous book circulating through London Society. A book about sex, but also about passion and partnership in marriage. Basically, the kind of thing meant to cause a scandal of epic proportions! And of course, I had to write the stories of three friends whose lives are changed by it.
The first book, A Matter of Sin, came out in July and featured Isabel, a widow determined to help her sister make a good match. But when she meets the most eligible bachelor in London, Seth, their passion is helped along by The Ladies Book of Pleasures.The second book, A Moment of Passion, features Jacinda, a lady fallen from grace in Society who turns to her old friend Jason for help when she is caught reading The Ladies Book of Pleasures by a really wicked duke. But help turns to intense desire as the danger for Jacinda increases.
Finally, the last book, A Measure of Deceit, is out December 9 and features the last friend in the trio, Grace. And I can’t tell you too much about her hero, Connor, because… SPOILERS!! But he’s a very, very sexy Scot! 
It’s been really fun to write a series focused not only on a set of friends, but their experiences from one book. I hope you will enjoy it, too! 🙂

hires_jp_08Jess Michaels is the author of almost 50 erotic historical, historical and urban fantasy novels under three names. She now writes exclusively erotic historical romance and will be going fully indie in 2015. She lives in Tucson with her husband and two little old lady cats. She enjoys reading, playing video games, long walks in the gorgeous desert and hanging out with her two nephews. You can find her at http://www.authorjessmichaels.com
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