Let the celebrations continue!!!


So yesterday saw the release of my novella Wanton in the Wild West and according to my wonderful publisher Evernight it was an All Romance Ebooks bestseller within 24 hours!!! Now that’s what every author wants to hear.

In the novella, Amber Carpenter is wary of men and has sworn that she will never let a man hurt her. But when she meets two handsome cowboys, she finds herself drawn to them both. Her curiosity and sensuality draw her to them and what ensues is pretty HOT indeed!


I have one copy of Wanton in the Wild West for the best comment or question I get here, so come on, join my release celebrations!

What do you think about spending time with not one but two gorgeous cowboys? Is Amber lucky or crazy? Are the erotic scenes in the novella hot enough?

Molly xxx

Blog Hop Interview – Tag You’re It!

Blog hop two

I was tagged for this blog post by the lovely and talented Claudia Burgoa.
Thanks Claudia!
Why not check out her blog and her latest release?

So here are my answers:

What are you working on right now?

I have a few works in progress. I’ve just completed an erotic novella set in the historical Wild West (on a steam train, no less) and I’ve nearly finished the first draft of a modern romance featuring a French rugby player and a Welsh celebrity agent.

How does it differ from other works in its genre?

Umm, well, the historical novella is set during a train journey – so I guess that’s a bit different to some other Westerns and the modern romance is set in the heart of Wales. I’m not sure that many romance novels are actually set in Cardiff. The modern romance will be submitted under a different pen name. Watch this space! 😉

Why do you write what you do?

I LOVE writing! It’s what makes me smile – other than my husband and children. I’m so happy when I can plot and type and let my imagination run wild. I adore historical novels and romances and therefore, setting my own novels in historical settings makes sense. The modern romance is in response to a new line with one particular publisher. I just have to hope that they love it!

How does your writing process work?

Wherever… whenever! I make notes on my IPhone and in my little notebook all the time. I scribble on bits of paper and stuff them in my bag. I’m always plotting and creating and asking ‘What if…’ Plus my characters follow me around all day – and sometimes interrupt my sleep – asking me to write their stories. How could I possibly refuse?

I would now like to tag the following authors:

Tag you're it

Ana Blaze

Celeste Rupert

Sotia Lazu

Molly xxx

Thursday Fun – Add a caption!

Fancy some writing inspiration?

How about add the caption to this photo of one of my bearded dragons? What exactly is going on here?

His name’s Andrew, by the way! 🙂


Go on! Post your caption in the comments. Let’s all have a giggle!

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Summer of Love

Summer 2013 was the Summer of Love but not, perhaps, in the way you might be thinking.

My husband’s grandfather’s British bulldog gave birth to four puppies!


What does that have to do with love? I hear you ask.

Well, we fell head over heels in love with the gorgeous babies and we have spent every spare minute there helping out. It’s not just the fact that his grandfather is 78 that has taken us there – although that factored into it enormously. It was also due to the fact that the puppies (and their mum) are such funny, sweet and adorable bundles of fur.


Bulldogs are a breed that I wasn’t previously familiar with but they are great family pets and really bright and inquisitive dogs. They like to interact with humans but they also – at times – exude an air of superiority which suggests that they will listen to what their owner says but not always take heed. Each dog has its own distinct personality and there is a big difference between the males and females. The latter tend to be gentler and more affectionate whereas the males tend to be bursting with mischief and a desire to be involved in EVERYTHING!!!


The puppies are almost six weeks old now and will soon head off to their new homes. It will leave my husband and I broken hearted to see them go because we’d dearly love to home them (and several rescue dogs) ourselves but fulltime employment means that it wouldn’t be fair on the dogs.


Like all canine companions, bulldogs need their owners around to comfort and entertain them. If you’re lucky enough to have one or more, then I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say that they are a great breed of dog and that they make wonderful additions to any family home.


For now, my DH and I will have to hold onto the memories of the summer of love and hope that one day we can have our very own baby bulldog to adore.



What is love? Why does it make us do things we wouldn’t normally do? Why does it feel so good at times yet sometimes feel so bad? Why do we like to read about it, hear about it and discuss it? Why is it the topic of so many novels, magazines, movies and chat shows?



Love comes in many forms but my focus in this post is romantic love: the love between a man and a woman; a man and a man or a woman and a woman. It can occur at any age and at any stage of your life but when it does, boy does it have an overwhelming effect!

I wanted to write about romantic love today because as a romance writer, it’s such an important topic. My debut novella Desire in Deadwood will be released on 30th August with Total-E-Bound Erotic Romance EBooks and as it’s an erotic romance, its central theme is, of course, love. The sensuality of the novel is highly important but it is wound around the relationship and the passionate love that exists between my main characters: Evelyn and Nate.

©Depositphotos/Clip Art Guy

©Depositphotos/Clip Art Guy

Now, the practical voices out there will no doubt state that love is often confused with lust and yes, I agree that this is true. However, what intrigues me is where the line between the two is drawn and how exactly do you know the difference? Obviously, when you’re immersed in the euphoria of love or lust yourself, it’s very difficult to be objective. Others around you may shake their heads and try to tell you that it’s hormones and desire, all down to physical attraction, but how do they know? Who really knows? And if that’s the case, then how come lots of people are still madly attracted to the partners they love deeply and who they’ve been with for years? Also, how do you quantify love? I don’t think that you can.

When you fall in love it mystifies, overpowers and consumes and this is what authors want to convey to readers of romance novels. Without love, as a concept and as an emotion, there would be no romance novels. Love is integral to any romance plot and each romance author wants to take the reader on a journey with the main characters so that they can see this love emerge, develop and end happily ever after. It is not to be easily won, though! There must be conflict before the HEA but this makes it all the sweeter. The journey is just as important as the destination.

Important to remember, however, is that love is not just the remit of the young and that love and passion do not necessarily fade. I remember my own Granny and Grandpa being madly in love in their seventies and I know other couples of a similar age who really couldn’t exist without each other. Love can grow and change and it must, for if it remained the same as in those very early days, then we’d all burn out within months, even weeks. Yet it can still exist as an incredibly powerful emotion.

©Depositphotos/ gjohnstonphoto

©Depositphotos/ gjohnstonphoto

In Desire in Deadwood, I’ve weaved the story of Nate and Evelyn. They were deeply in love but separated by circumstances which meant that they didn’t see each other for a decade. However, after all that time, when they meet up in Deadwood, their love and desire for each other resurface as if they haven’t spent a day apart. I tried to portray the passionate intensity of their feelings and their struggle to overcome their conflicts so that they can be together. Do they have a HEA? It’s a rhetorical question really but go on, read it to find out!

Whatever romantic love is, whether a chemical reaction designed to encourage us to procreate or a spiritual and emotional connection that defies all sense and reason, I, for one, am really appreciative of its existence. It may cause happiness, it may cause pain, it may bind you to someone for life or just for a short time, but it makes life interesting and it gives all the writers, poets, movie makers and singers inspiration.

Here’s an extract from Desire in Deadwood where Nate and Evelyn are deeply involved in their own conflict:

Her eyes filled with tears.
“I know that I can never make it up to you and I wish so desperately that I could,” her voice cracked.
“Hush now,” he ran a hand up and down her bare arm, his fingers tingling as he caressed her warm skin from the wrist to the shoulder. She was so beautiful. “You need to rest.”
“But I don’t want to rest, Nate. I waited for so long hoping to see you. I don’t want to waste a single minute of our time together.”
“Neither do I,” he submitted to his love for her, the desire that was battling his festering anger towards her. “But I just don’t know if we can make this right.”
“Look at me, Nate.”
He stared deep into her eyes and saw the twenty-one year old Evelyn; the girl she’d been before he’d left. She’d been so innocent, yet so passionate; so sweet, yet so strong. He had loved her with everything he had to give but when she’d betrayed him he’d been broken.
“Underneath it all, I’m still the same woman you loved then. Other things have changed but I’m still the same person in here.” She pounded her fist upon her chest. “I still love you, Nate. I never stopped loving you.”
He cupped her chin and caressed it with his calloused thumb.
“I never stopped loving you either but I’ve been so angry with you, Evelyn. Those first few months away from you, I worked so hard to find gold and then when I struck lucky I couldn’t wait to get back to tell you. I was proud as a cockerel, strutting around telling all the other fellers I’d make my fortune and offer my woman everything she could possible desire.”
“If only I’d known…”
“I staked my claim then wrote to you. I was afraid to leave in case someone else tried to steal it. I knew I’d get a buyer and as soon as I did and it was all done and dusted, I hurried back to you. I had a nugget of gold safe in my pocket ready to give you so as we could make it into a ring and we’d be able to tell our grandchildren that your wedding band was carved from the gold I’d claimed especially for you. What a story that would’ve been.” His eyes misted over as he remembered the dream he’d once had.
“That was a beautiful idea,” she whispered, squeezing his arm.
“But when I got to your Daddy’s ranch…” He hung his head.
“I was gone.”
“It broke my heart in two, Evelyn. I’d been so sure of us and so sure of you. I never suspected for a moment that you’d even consider marrying someone else.”
“Neither did I. It wasn’t what I really wanted, Nate.”
“Then why’d you do it?” he asked, still holding her chin. He watched as her lower lip trembled and she tried to form the words of an explanation but before she could, he covered her mouth with his own and surrendered to the ache in his heart that begged him to hold her, to taste her and to indulge in the joy of loving her once more.
When he stopped for a moment and pulled back to look at her, a tiny sigh escaped her and she leaned towards him, her arm curling around his neck.
“Do you really love me, Evelyn?”
She nodded, her eyes heavy with desire, her lips red and open, ready for his kiss.
“Do you want to be with me again, like before?” His cheeks flushed as he asked the question and he mused for a moment at his own bashfulness. He realised at that moment that he wanted her to want him too; he wanted her to long for him as he had longed for her and he needed her to love him.
“More than anything, Nate,” she placed a hand over heart in a gesture of sincerity.
Nate stood, leaned over and scooped the woman he loved into his arms then carried her upstairs to the bedroom he’d designed with her in mind and lay her down on the bed he’d carved with her image held deep in his heart.



Never Surrender Your Dreams!

I’m relatively new to this game of writing, so I’m not going to try to sound like an expert but I wanted to share my experience with you, just in case any of you need some motivation.
My debut novella Desire in Deadwood will be released with Total E Bound Erotic Romance Ebooks http://www.total-e-bound.com on August 30th 2013. I’m beyond excited! It’s so wonderful that every time I look at the cover or browse http://www.total-e-bound.com/comingsoon.asp , I have to blink away tears and shake myself to really believe that: yes, I wrote it. It’s mine! Yippee!



My journey to publication hasn’t been a dreadful one. It’s taken a while but that’s because I didn’t really try hard enough at first.
I’ve always written and been a voracious reader. During my childhood, I won various poetry competitions and whilst at University, I had a poem and a short story published. But there was a little voice in my head that told me that although I had some ability, I probably wasn’t good enough to get published. So I talked about it, day dreamed about it, then left higher education to become. . . a teacher. I figured that teaching literature to my students would be enough and that I was just one of those people who would watch the success of others but probably never achieve it myself.
How wrong I was!

Over the following decade, I had two beautiful children and found that I was so busy being a mother and working that I didn’t have much time to think about being creative. At times, I would sigh and my eyes would mist over with unrequited longing (and sometimes the effects of white wine) for what could have been but then I’d put my ‘practical’ head on and dismiss my ponderings. It happened for other people in other places, not people like me. But, as my babies matured, I felt that yearning to write building again. Only this time, it was stronger. I’d immersed myself in motherhood but I wasn’t happy with my job. It wasn’t being in the classroom but the bureaucracy of the profession. So, after some deliberation, I quit teaching.
It was an enormous step but I had some savings and I kept earning by marking examinations, moderating coursework for a local awarding body and tutoring. When I wasn’t marking, moderating, tutoring or being mum, I tried my hand at penning a medical romance. I read lots of romances, plotted a story then wrote the first three chapters and a synopsis.
I submitted my manuscript to a major romance publisher then waited . . . and waited . . .
I should have been finishing it then starting the next one but I didn’t. I procrastinated. A lot! Then some more.
When the rejection finally came, I wasn’t surprised. The letter was kind and made a few suggestions about point of view changes and other things I hadn’t even considered. So, what did I do? Not a lot. It just wasn’t the right time for me, I guess. I wasn’t taking it seriously enough and I doubted myself too much. So, I got myself another full time job at a different school and thought that writing was just a dream and perhaps I didn’t really have it in me.
However, a few years ago, when I met my husband and told him all about my dreams, something clicked. He really believed that I had it in me and he encouraged me to go for it. His confidence boosted my own and spurred me onwards.
So, armed with the support of my love and now getting more rest (as my beautiful children were now both sleeping through the night) I began writing in earnest. I scoured the internet for submission calls and publishers accepting unsolicited manuscripts. I wrote and plotted and submitted. There were rejections but they weren’t heartbreakingly negative. I even had several ‘revise and resubmits’ which gave me hope and encouraged me to persevere. One publisher had a lovely acquiring editor and she really helped me to develop my skillset but then my lowest moment came – her publishing house rejected a manuscript I’d revised according to their suggestions. They were so kind and positive about it but I felt really crushed. It was just before Christmas last year and I felt like throwing in the towel once again.
Guess what? I didn’t. My husband and children’s support, combined with the amazing encouragement of other writers I’ve befriended in our global community, such as the lovely Carole Remy http://www.caroleremy.blogspot.co.uk, Rayne Hall http://www.sites.google.com/site/raynehallsdarkfantasyfiction, Rachel Brimble http://www.rachelbrimble.blogspot.co.uk, Seumas Gallacher http://www.seumasgallacher.com and Lisa Whitefern http://www.lisawhitefern.wordpress.com (to name a few) all served to give me the boost to keep going.
Add to that the fire now lit inside me that burned to do this; to succeed, and I knew that this time, I wouldn’t give up, I would not surrender my dreams!
Post-Christmas, a few lines just popped into my head and kept playing over and over:

“Take your clothes off.”
“You heard me.”
Evelyn forced her mouth shut.
“So? What are you waiting for?”
Her eyes met those of the man on the moth eaten chaise longue in front of her. He was serious.

Within days, these evolved into a full plot and Desire in Deadwood was born!
I wrote it in a week (two hours an evening after work) and submitted it to Total E Bound exclusively. I’d read so many positive things about them and had contact with them before and they were extremely professional and considerate. The lovely editor (a lady I often refer to as ‘my’ editor – isn’t it funny how we become so possessive of the people who show faith in us) came back to me within a week with an offer to contract. And that, as they say, was that!

Check out the link here!

My first submission of a medical romance, when I look at it now, makes me cringe. I got it all wrong. But I’ve learnt a lot and I’m still learning. Every submission and rejection taught me something new – from point of view changes, to conflict, to track changes. I’ve come a long way but I know that I still have a long way to go.
However, I’ve just finished my second novel, also set in the Wild West, and once I’ve edited it and had it critiqued, I’ll submit it. I can’t wait! It’s longer than Desire in Deadwood and slightly darker but still passionate and erotic. I’ll let you know how I get on.
So, never surrender your dreams. If you really want this – and you have to really want it or you won’t make it happen – then keep trying. You need to read lots, write lots and find some good critique partners, as well as a lovely editor who believes in your work. Don’t waste time procrastinating. If you find that you are, then maybe this isn’t for you. The journey isn’t easy and at times it can be painful, especially when you get rejected, but there’s usually a reason for it. So have a good cry, dust yourself off then get back to it, because that story you’re plotting now, the one that’s shadowing you through the day job and waking you up at night, might just be the one that nets you a contract.
Good luck! Let me know how you get on!
Molly xx

Review of The Seduction of Emily by Rachel Brimble

The Seduction of EmilyThe Seduction of Emily by Rachel Brimble
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Seduction of Emily is an engaging tale of a young woman and her growth as a daughter, a woman in a changing society and as a lover. It has all of Rachel Brimble’s usual charm and style, as well as her ability to vividly portray a bygone era.
Emily is an amiable heroine, both loyal and mischievous, and the hero, Will, reminded me somewhat of Robin Hood. He may not rob the rich to feed the poor but he has had to fight to survive and though his past may not be perfect, he was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth, so he did what he had to do to get on in a society where money equalled power.
The tension between Emily and Will sparks, crackles and builds to a very erotic seduction which is composed in Ms Brimble’s usual tender yet passionate prose. There is also humour in the author voice, which makes the novel all the more enjoyable. I could imagine Ms Brimble smiling as she created some of the scenes. One in particular, where Emily hurts her ankle and has to be carried by Will, had me laughing out loud!
The ‘villain’, Nicholas Milne, is a character the reader wants far away from our heroine, yet despite his crimes, there are questions that arise about him which could be answered in a sequel. I would also love to see more of Annie, the maid, because she was an adorable secondary character and I can see how her story has lots of potential. This is another element of the novel that I loved; the secondary characters do not take over the plot but they are strong enough to warrant their own stories being told in the future.
I thoroughly enjoyed the novel! I was seduced by the intricate weaving of the plot, the sights and sounds of Bath that was, the building romance between characters I grew fond of and the conflicts that I yearned to see resolved.
The only disappointment is that I have to wait until 2014 for the sequel! 🙂

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