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The Night Porter by Mark Barry

untitled (6)


About the book:
Set in a hotel, in November, in the fictional town of Wheatley Fields, (based on Southwell, near Nottinghamshire, deep in Sherwood Forest).

Four writers, all nominated for an upcoming awards ceremony, come to stay.

One mega successful romance author, a top US thriller writer who sells in seven figures, a beautiful young YA tyro on the brink of world wide stardom…

…and a degenerate, nasty, bitter, jealous, trollish, drunken (but brilliant), self-published contemporary fiction author.

The Night Porter is instructed by a secretive and powerful awards committee to look after their EVERY need, to ensure they make it through the two weeks to attend the ceremony. At the same time as keeping an eye on their wishes, antics, fights, relationships and never-ending ego explosions. And trying desperately to avoid getting involved himself.

It’s a comedy drama about writers (and Night Porters!) with twists and turns, nooks and crannies, shadows and mirrors.

I don’t think you will see an Indie published book like this anywhere in Cyberspace.
Probably not a tradpubbed one either.

It casts a sometimes shadowy light on modern publishing, the writing business – and the people in it. Writers who like to read about writers and writing will enjoy the book as will readers who enjoy innovative, clever and multi-layered fiction.

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BOOK RELEASE – Titanic’s Ondine – by Jorja Lovett


I’ve always had a fascination with the Titanic. It probably has a lot to do with living so close to Belfast, where she was built. One of the great things about being a writer is you can pick any time, any place in which to set a story, so it was always on the hot list of topics I wanted to cover. As ever, my version of that fateful voyage had to have a paranormal twist, and some superhot sexy times!

titanicsondine_exlarge (1)

Can a water nymph save her true love from the Titanic or are they both doomed forever?
Water nymph Madeleine has spent a lifetime searching for the human she can marry to become mortal. Finally, she finds true love with Joe Marlowe, but the romance is put on hold when he signs up as crew for the Titanic.
Joe never expects to see Maddy on board the ship but she’s a welcome sight during the voyage. He knows she’s keeping a secret from him but it doesn’t diminish his love for her. They have the rest of their lives to discover each other. After an unforgettable night together in the Titanic’s indoor pool he knows he’s found the woman he wants to marry.
As the liner sails towards its fate, can Madeleine save Joe, and find her happy ever after?

“I find the setting perfect for a romantic affair. Glamorous liners bound for faraway places, carrying young men with fire in their bellies. Why it’s enough to get any young lady’s pulse racing.” She ran a fingertip down his white shirt to distract him from his questioning. That slight contact with the man she loved was enough to start a fiery lust consuming her from the inside out.
“Madeleine—” The ragged manner in which Joe addressed her didn’t sound like a scolding, or an attempt to stop her.
“Shh!” A finger on his lips and a coy smile was all it took for him to discard his gentlemanly manners and let his passion take hold.
He was deceptively masterful in the seduction stakes. His firm lips staked their claim with a series of breath-taking kisses that almost made her mourn the time they had wasted thus far in their chaste courtship.
Crushed against the rough fabric of his jacket—Madeleine’s nipples hardened beneath the thin silk of her green dress—sensitized and begging to be noticed. Joe didn’t disappoint. He traced his thumb over one prominent peak. The simple over-the-clothing contact sent her body into raptures and generated an ache in her loins that she wanted him to remedy.
Her head told her to go carefully. He thought of her as a lady—pure and innocent—and not one to give herself away before her wedding night. But that other, sinful part of her wanted him regardless of the consequences. And that craving won out. She pressed herself closer to him until she was left with no doubt he felt the same. The ridged evidence in his trousers nestled into the skirts of her dress and she couldn’t stop herself from running her hand along the impressive length of him.
She half expected him to back away in shock or disgust. So when he took it one step further by cupping her breast firmly in his hand, her legs all but buckled beneath her. He scooped her breast from her dress, exposing it to the cool April air. Her pussy swelled with need. With each massage he gave her flesh, she came one step closer to nirvana, moaning as the moisture from her arousal soaked her skin and clothes.
Joe backed her away from the main walkway and pinned her against the wall of a ramshackle wooden building, creating a scenario Madeleine wouldn’t have believed possible. Of course, she imagined her reserved Joe to be a considerate lover, but she hadn’t expected their explosive chemistry to lead them to the point of making love outdoors.
Joe lifted her skirts, skimming his hand along the tops of her stockings, and then grabbed her ass to pull her onto his still imprisoned cock. Driven by mounting impatience, Madeleine reached to undo the buttons of his trousers and take the next step in their relationship.
It turned out to be a step too far. Moments later, the strong arms around her pushed where they once pulled her to him. Joe wrenched his mouth away.
“I’m sorry. Please forgive me,” he pleaded, voice unsteady.
“You have nothing to apologize for,” she told him.
Except, perhaps, being too chivalrous. One brief encounter with the saviour of her long-lost virtue wasn’t nearly enough, but she dared not raise his suspicions with further unladylike behaviour.
“You deserve more than a rushed fumble by the docks, Maddy. When the time comes, I want it to be something special, a memory to be cherished forever. Though I don’t know how I’ll get through these next weeks without even kissing you again.”
Joe rested his forehead against hers. His was beaded with sweat from the effort of his restraint.
Not on my account, she wanted to scream, but the moment had passed. She adjusted her clothes.
He behaved as though the last ten minutes had not happened and picked up the conversation regarding his departure. But all she wanted to do was move farther into his embrace, make this night last forever.
“Will you wave me off when I leave?”
As much as he deserved a teary farewell, she shook her head. “It’s not my place.”
She wouldn’t encroach on the intimate family moment which accompanied his every journey. That was their time. This was hers.
“Let’s say our goodbyes now.” Madeleine stood on tiptoe to offer up her lips.
This time, Joe’s kiss was a slow exploration mapping out the contours of her lips, as though he were memorizing her taste. That sensuous perusal finally eroded the jaded view she harboured for the male species. Joe didn’t demand, simply took what she willingly gave, and he returned it with love. He respected her, cherished her, and, for the first time in decades, Madeleine let herself trust.
* * * *
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General Release 18th April

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Book release – Surrender Sweet Succubus – by Jewel Quinlan

New Release: Surrender Sweet Succubus by @JewelQuinlan

Surrender Sweet Succubus Cover

Blurb – When Dr. Stephen Wallace, a fertility specialist from Sydney Australia, is approached by his brother and sister-in-law for help conceiving a child there is no way he can refuse. Since they have already exhausted all the possibilities modern medicine can provide, Stephen turns to his skills as a shaman for alternative solutions. His search leads him to Las Vegas, Nevada on a slim lead to capture a succubus who he hopes has the power to help. But when he meets Geneva, the exotic and passionate succubus, he finds himself being captured instead.

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A peek inside Surrender Sweet Succubus:
“I came here because I was looking for a succubus…” he began.
“Mm hm. Well, you found one.”
He lost his train of thought as she rolled a tube of lipstick over her lips. The same lips that had been wrapped around his cock last night doing the most wicked things to him.
She finished and started to walk back into the bathroom but her feet stopped short just before the door as if she had hit an invisible barrier. The look on her face was almost comical.
“What the…?” She backed up a step and then tried to move forward again but was halted once more in the same place. She reached in front of her and grabbed the doorway then tried to pull herself through but from the waist down, nothing else moved.
“What the hell is going on?!” She sounded scared now.
He stood. It was working, the binding spell was working! “Okay, I don’t want you to get upset but I put a binding spell on you.” He couldn’t help feeling bad about it. It wasn’t really in his nature to cast such spells but it had been necessary.
“You did what?” Her tone turned to acid and her eyes narrowed.
“A binding spell,” he repeated, “So you can’t go more than three yards away from me. Sorry, were you trying to go to the bathroom?”
He moved closer to give her more slack so she could go in. She stumbled slightly as the perimeter of the bind shifted. She straightened, looking even more upset, and moved away from the bathroom towards the front door.
“How dare you!” she raged. “I am not to be held in bondage by any man. Release me at once!” Her hands scrabbled at the door behind her for the knob.
“I’ll remove it I swear! It’s just, I need your help with something and I didn’t want you to disappear. I wasn’t sure how you would react when I told you I knew what you were.”
“You think I’m going to help you now!?” She looked like she would hit him if she could. Her eyes blazed emerald fire.
“I think, when you listen to what I have to say, you will.”
“And what if I don’t want to listen? You’re going to force me?”
He started to negate it but then stopped. She was right. The look in his sister-in-law’s eyes had haunted him since they’d spoken. He couldn’t let her down. Couldn’t let them both go on with the heartache of being childless. He shook his head, not knowing what to say.
“That’s it, I knew it! You men are all the same. You just take what you want and bend other people to your will.”
He held his hands out to her in pause. “Now look, I don’t even know if you can help me. I just wanted the opportunity to discuss it with you. That’s all. But before we do there’s something else I have to tell you about.” Better to come clean right away. He slowly inched forward towards her.
She yanked the door open. “I don’t care! Whatever it is, I’m not doing it you jerk!” she said, turning to go.
He quickly called out, “I just wanted to be honest and tell you…”
She took one step and then crumpled into a heap on the carpet.
“…about the sedative.”

About the Author
From a young age, Jewel Quinlan had an abundant imagination and strong desire to write novels. She particularly enjoys writing paranormal and fantasy romance. An avid traveler, she has visited fifteen countries so far (which she enjoys using as settings in her novels) and has plans to see more of the world. She has a particular fondness for Bavaria and studies the German language as one of her hobbies. During the day, she works as a pharmaceutical sales representative and, at night, she writes romance. She currently lives in Orange County, California with her two dogs; Shimmer and Penny.


For more information about Jewel Quinlan
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BOOK RELEASE – The Arrangement – by Bethany-Kris

The Arrangement by Bethany-Kris
Release Date: March 17th, 2014
Publisher: Crimson Romance
Genre: Contemporary, erotic romance, suspense
Length: 319 pages, estimated


Thank you so much to Molly for letting me stop by and talk about my latest release The Arrangement!

You are always welcome, Bethany-Kris! 🙂

One of the biggest things authors struggle with is writing the blurb. Oh, and the synopsis, but readers never see those. (They are a devil on an author’s back, trust me.) However, the readers do see, and usually at first or second glance, the blurb. It needs to catch from the first line. And basically, every darned line after.
Authors often pour over the blurb, or potential blurbs, or even just the few short sentences that will eventually make up the entire blurb, and wonder what they’re doing. It’s tough. It’s frustrating. We’re often left wondering if it even reflects the story well enough, or will it garner the attention it needs to.
When I sat down to write The Arrangement’s blurb, my feelings were no different. The only thing I knew was what the hook (the first line meant to catch and keep the potential eye) would be. And not necessarily the entire line, but just the first few words: Nothing will stop the Bratva mob boss…
From those lines alone, you could wave a broad arm over The Arrangement. So much of it fits into just those words. But what else does it say? It tells the reader, we’re looking at a mafia romance. We’re looking at a take no prisoner’s kind of hero. Is he a bad boy? Likely. Bratva? Russian.
Those words say a lot. And they will either make the reader curious, or tell them instantly the story isn’t for them.
Another thing we writers often attempt to do when writing a blurb, is use words that will have impact. When we first look at the blurb, what are the words that jumps out?
Murder. Mafia. The arrangement (as in, arranged marriage). Blazing. Secrets. Pain. Love. Violence. Deceit. Greed.
In one way or another, people will have a reaction to those words. Whether it’s understanding, or curiosity, they are placed and meant to draw feelings and reactions. They are meant to say, this is a romance. Not an easy one, or a clean one, but beneath it all, it is a romance. It says there is struggle. There is angst. And there is love.
Blurbs take time to write, especially a good one. They take a heck of a lot of practice. For once, I was very proud of one I wrote. 


Nothing will stop the Bratva mob boss from taking back what’s his, and once he has her, he’ll do anything to keep her…
Viviana “Vine” Carducci’s and Anton Avdonin’s marriage was decided more than two decades ago. The deal between leading mafia families has more on the line than anyone knew, even if the Bratva and Cosa Nostra shouldn’t mix. When Vine’s family is murdered and she’s left with nothing more than her grief to survive the mob world alone, she believes the arrangement won’t see the light of day.
Anton can’t allow the one woman he was supposed to love get away. At the possibility of her death, he steps in to save her with guns blazing, knowing exactly what it might cost him: everything. But it’s been nearly a decade since their last meeting, and he can’t help but wonder if the woman he took back is the same girl he fell for all those years before.
Protected and loved, Vine is unable to forget their shared moments a lifetime ago, or the future she knows they’re owed. When an old flame of Anton’s shows up to rip the veil off the carefully constructed secrets he’d been hiding, she learns that nothing about her life is as it seems. But, that’s nothing compared to the bomb about to blow. Can Vine see beyond the pain and blood to take what she always wanted? And just how far will the mob prince go to keep her safe?
In a world where violence, deceit, and greed reign, your life is not your own, and sometimes, love has to be arranged.

“Why all the safety precautions if you’re expecting me to live openly here?” she asked. “Doesn’t that defeat the purpose?”
Anton cocked a brow. “I’m hoping your uncle will be a lot less brazen if I’m not keeping you hidden.” He still hadn’t let go of her sides, those teasing thumbs of his rolling gently against the undersides of her breasts in tender motions. “Deny that you want this, too, Vine. You’ve always wanted me. You want this life because you were meant for it, and I have waited more than long enough to get you here living it with me.”
“You’re not giving me a choice. I’ve spent the last three years thinking that this arrangement was over, and then you come in with guns blazing and a house on lockdown, Anton. That’s … It’s not fair. You signed my death warrant doing this.”
Immediately, his hands left her skin. She wanted them back, but her pride wouldn’t allow her to admit that fact. “It was already signed.”
Placing his hands to his knees, Anton shook his head and muttered, “He was already getting ready to put out a hit on you. That guard of yours was probably going to be the one to do it to get his in with the family. I was hoping to see you back in the states before I approached you myself, but Sonny didn’t give me the chance.”
No one likes to off a woman, Vine.
She couldn’t help but remember Sam saying that. Would he have done it?
“You can’t possibly know that for sure.”
The look he gave turned her stomach with fear. “I can and I do, Vine. There are men in that organization who are less trustworthy than a snake. Even their eyes and ears can be bought. I stepped in now because I needed to, not because I thought you were ready, or that you wanted me to.”
An ache settled in her chest. How was she supposed to trust him?
“Sonny wouldn’t kill me simply because I wanted to marry you, Anton. I’m not worth a damn thing to him alive, nothing more than a nuisance he has to look after.” Frustrated by his lack of expression, her bitterness rose. “Dead I’m worth even less though, right?”
“Dead you’re worth nothing,” Anton admitted, hurting Viviana a little more. “That is exactly what your uncle wants to achieve. For secrets to remain hidden from his family and for his power to remain intact.”
That only left her more disturbed, emotions rolling from one thing to the next without ever landing on just one feeling. “Our families won’t merge now, regardless if we’re married or not. So you lied to me earlier when you said that’s what this was about. A marriage is only going to cause more issues. I’m worthless to the Bratva; you practically said so yourself.”
“No, you’re worth a great deal, especially if you’re married to me.”
But, why?
“You’re hiding something from me,” she realized, hurt that he was lying again, even if it was by omission. Viviana couldn’t decide which stung worse—that he didn’t trust her, or that he thought she didn’t deserve to know whatever it was. “What aren’t you saying?”
Anton looked stricken, fingers drumming a quick beat on his thighs. “I gave them my word. It was supposed to be them explaining this to you if they desired to—all the reasons and things that happened years ago. It’s not my story to tell, and I promised. My word is all I’m worth if you consider the way I live; without it, I have nothing.” Reaching out, he cupped a hand over her knee and ran it along the inside of her jittery leg. With his fingers moving so softly against her inner thigh, he pressed his fingertips close enough to her center to make Viviana throb with need. Murmuring, he said, “Can’t you try to trust me? Viviana, you know me … you do.”
She ignored his plea. “Who, Anton?” His fingers pressed harder at her words, grip tightening when Viviana refused to react to his motions. What she really wanted was more. So much more of his hands on her body, but she didn’t dare speak that out loud. “Was it my father, or Nicoli? Who?”
“I can’t answer that right now.” With that, he stood and held out a hand for her to take. “Come, I’ll get you back in bed for the evening. Let you rest and get the last of that sedative out of your system. I promise you’ll feel better in the morning.”
Too exhausted to argue, her palm met his. Anton’s lips touched down to Viviana’s fingers in a flutter of movement. She wouldn’t have noticed the quick kiss had she not felt the heat of his mouth brushing along her sensitive skin. She might as well have been sixteen and falling for him all over again.
Viviana couldn’t figure out if she was willing enough to let him do it. It didn’t help that she wasn’t all too sure if she knew this man anymore. Was he the same one she wanted all those years ago? Had his feelings remained the same nearly a decade later … was that even possible? Could someone want another that much?
What was even more frightening was that with his blue eyes watching, and his hand connected with hers, waiting, Anton still felt like hers.
Just like he always had.

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Author Bio:
Bethany-Kris is a Canadian author, lover of much, and mother of two young sons, two cats, and two dogs. Between a full-time job, playing children, barking dogs, snuggling cats, and a hubby calling over his shoulder, she is nearly always writing something…when she can find the time.

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BOOK RELEASE – Too Busy For Love – by Tamsin Baker

Too Busy for Love
By Tamsin Baker

9780857991409_1400 (1)


He needed a job — he never expected to need his boss.

Thomas’s life can be pared down to one principle: Be as successful as possible by being as single-minded as possible. But his commitment to his goal is tested upon returning home to his mansion and finding his gorgeous new gardener in his library.

Luke is a student, and his new job is perfect: decent income and a place to study that’s quiet, peaceful, and stocked with useful resources. The last thing he expects to find there is a stunning man who offers to open up all the doors that Luke has yet to be brave enough to peek behind.

Thomas is happy to wait for Luke to come to him, but when he does, Thomas has no intention of holding back…

Good morning, sleep well?”
Luke nodded and stretched. “Yeah, so good.” He rolled over and saw the time. “Oh fuck, I’ve got an early class.” He rolled out of bed and began to pull on his clothes.
Thomas was late too but he lay back and put his hands behind his head, enjoying the show as Luke hopped and shimmied into his clothes. What a fantastic body he had.
Luke lifted his head and pinned Thomas with his baby blues. “So, will I see you tonight?”
Thomas sat up in bed, panic rising. He didn’t want any sort of formal commitment and the fact that he had just slept with an employee became crystal clear in a split second.
“Ah, I have no idea. I may be working late.”
Luke’s face fell and Thomas saw the pain before the boy’s face shifted into a look of sophistication.
“Oh sure. Well, I’ll be around. So you’ll find me if you want me?”
Thomas nodded, knowing that he had just committed to being the one who would continue the relationship if he wanted to.
“Have a good day.”
Luke laughed and bounced forward on the bed, kissing Thomas quickly and laughing as he walked away. Thomas fell back on the mattress. Luke was an awesome young man and a hot piece of arse, but how was he going to handle this? Should he seek Luke out again for another one night, or would that set a precedent for more than a string of one nights? No, it would be best not to open up that can of worms. After all, Luke wouldn’t know what was expected.
Thomas didn’t have time for messy feelings, commitments or the wants of another person. His work was all-consuming, he couldn’t focus on another person long enough to meet all of their needs.
Thomas could educate Luke about the pleasures of sex, as he had the night before, but did he want to? And would Luke be happy to have a no strings attached, fuck buddy relationship? He was, or had been, a virgin. If Thomas remembered what a virgin was like, and it had been a long time since he had even known one, Luke would attach a lot of emotion to their physical intimacy. No, it was best to cut off their connection now, before things got messy.
Thomas groaned and rolled out of bed, running his hands over his cock and balls. He should have made the kid stick around for another hour; he would have loved one more feel of that tight, hot arse.

About the Author:
Tamsin Baker is an Aussie girl who only discovered erotic romance twelve months ago. Before that she read sexy romance, skipping the plot and looking for the ‘good bits’. Since then she has written and obtained twenty contracts of varying lengths for her erotic romance and erotica novels. She absolutely LOVES reading and writing it! She has two other jobs, kids and a hubby too – but writing is a passion that she has to indulge for fear of insanity.
M/M is a passion of hers so even when she writes ménage, there is always an M/M story. She particularly enjoys writing Female dommes, but she loves experimenting in all genres. She is learning to write and read more, one step at a time. Soon, she’ll have stories published in every sub-genre of erotic romance – well that’s her aim anyway.

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Book Release – Lynked – by Bethany-Kris

Lynked by Bethany-Kris
Genre: Contemporary erotic romance
Length: Full length – 93k
Publisher: Crimson Romance
Release Date: February 3rd, 2014

Lynked - Cover - High Res

He’d give up everything to keep her, in fact he did. But will she still be waiting on the other side when it’s over?


When a fighter’s path crosses with a beautiful woman, he’s positive the meeting will only end in her leaving his penthouse with sex hair and a smile — until life and the law steps in, inevitably linking their futures forever.

The accident that ended his fighting career wasn’t enough to keep former heavyweight mixed martial arts champion Devon Lynk out of the sport. His new business, Chaine Lynk, an exclusive fighting company, has made him millions through illegal gambling. Happy with his life, he never suspected it could be his downfall … until the morning after leads to something so much more than he expected, and he’s left with the weight of guilt and responsibility on his shoulders.

Veronica “Nic” Stacey made her way to Edmonton with the intention of starting life anew, but her first night in the city lands her in a stranger’s bed and things don’t quite go as planned. Waking up to find out her brother is in jail is one thing, but learning the man she slept with is also his boss is another matter altogether. With no knowledge of the city and nowhere to go, she’s left taking the only help offered: Devon’s.

With Chaine Lynk’s doors closed and Devon facing possible jail time for his involvement, reality takes a front row seat. Love and lust intermingle as he comes to learn what his business and choices have cost the girl he wants most—now he just has to fix it. But is it already too late?


“What is your name, pretty girl?”
Something sinful crawled over every nerve Nic had in the best way at the voice in her ear. She couldn’t not respond to the hand suddenly holding tight to her waist. The heat of the man’s palm soaked straight through the fabric of her dress and seeped into her skin in the best way. She swore it travelled over her flesh with a tingling dance that had her burning hot instantly. Shooting him with a simpering grin, Nic turned her head just enough to check him out.
Tall and well dressed with broad shoulders, a muscled frame, and hazel eyes that seemed to pierce right into her soul, Nic was stunned for a second. The dark color of his skin stood out against the cream color of her dress and his fingers tightened, making her breath catch. Handsome was an understatement. This man was downright gorgeous in a way that made her pulse pick up and her sex ache.
There was a faint grin playing on his full lips and her gaze was drawn down to his hand still holding firm to her waist like it belonged there. No one had so blatantly approached her like he had throughout the night, not to mention physically touched her.
Actually, this man was the first to ever do that at all and not get an instant rejection.
Maybe it should have bothered Nic, but instead she found herself curious as to why he had approached her. After all, she hadn’t been actively trying to invite attention her way.
“Your name?” he asked again.
The roughness in his voice was almost mesmerizing. The flecks of green in his eyes seemed to dance under the lights, sparkling with suggestion and want.
“What are your plans in the next five minutes?”
Nic turned to look back at the fight. The man did the same, watching as Jordan locked down hard to his opponent, pinning him to the mat with a chokehold that looked like it must have hurt. She’d thought seeing Jordan fight would turn her inside out with worry, but instead, Nic only found herself proud.
Maybe making the choice to come to Alberta had been the right one after all. Change was supposed to be a good thing, right?
“That depends,” she finally answered.
“On what?”
Once more, she met his gaze, feeling his hand gripping tightly to her waist and wanting to become lost in just the sensation of that action alone. Nic could feel her body wanting to press harder into his grip. Never had her insides reacted so strongly to another person. He didn’t let up a bit. Haze yielded behind them, tapping out hard against the mat. People started to cheer as their hands hit the cage. Jordan’s name rang out in the crowd louder and louder.
“On that.”
Her brother won.
The tuition was all but paid now.
Do something different. Those words rung in her mind like a toll bell.
What would it hurt to go home with this man? Nic wondered. Who would know what she had done? There wouldn’t be a soul to say anything bad. There would be no one judging her like they did back home. He clearly wasn’t a fighter if his clothing and attitude were any indication, so she was still following along with her brother’s only request.
What could it really hurt? Nothing. She was grown. Jordan would be celebrating his win. A single phone call to let him know she was fine would be enough until the morning.
“Come home with me,” he said, his eyes seeming to search hers for any sign of indecision.
Nic laughed an airy sound. “I don’t even know you.”
“I don’t bite.”
“Maybe I’d like that, though.”
“All right, I bite a little,” he teased.
She could easily say no, but she didn’t want to. That should have scared her. Whatever influence this man seemed to have on her was one she hadn’t experienced before. Nic was the rational one; a person who didn’t make irresponsible choices that would shine her in a bad light. Straight and narrow; white as a dove. Whoever this man was, he made her want to jump headfirst into the filth of sin without even thinking of possible consequences.
“Married?” he asked.
“Escort?” The face she made must have given away how she felt about that comment. “Sorry,” he said.
Again, his mouth came dangerously close to her face, lips ghosting over the shell of her ear. Heat saturated Nic all over again and she shivered. Who was this man? She didn’t even care that his name had yet to be uttered. She wet her tongue with her lips.
“Come home with me,” he repeated, his voice turning down to a husky tone.
Nic bit her lip, her eyebrow rising in contemplation. “You’ll get me home in the morning?”
“In a private jet if you want, sweetheart; just say yes.”

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Author Bio: Bethany-Kris is a Canadian author, lover of much, and mother of two young sons, two cats, and two dogs. Between playing children, barking dogs, snuggling cats, and a hubby calling over his shoulder, she is nearly always writing something…when she can find the time.

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Lynked - Cover - High Res

This book looks AMAZING Bethany! 🙂 Congratulations!!! xxx

Trying Too Hard… RELEASE DAY :)



So it’s release day! Trying Too Hard has been released with Carina UK. So to celebrate, here’s an extract for you. Hope you like! Let me know what you think. 🙂

Catrin stood outside the hotel room door. She raised her hand to knock then let it fall to her side again.
What was she doing? This was absolute madness! She was riding a wave that would surely drop her into shark infested waters. If Liam found out what she’d been up to with Henri he’d be furious, wouldn’t he? The lines about clients and agents had never been clearly drawn. She’d been told to take good care of Henri and she’d found the directive ambiguous. Was she supposed to look after his needs…all of his needs? If so, then she’d done well so far. Or was her job description limited to strictly hands off, no touching?
If she got it wrong and Liam found out, she knew that if he didn’t sack her on the spot, he’d never make her permanent. But then, Henri wasn’t officially her client. She was just taking care of him while Liam was busy with other things.
Did that make it OK? Would Liam see it that way? She wished that everything was clearer but since Henri had arrived, nothing had been clear any more. Her vision and her thinking were hazy, infused with a smoky scarlet glow that warmed her and puzzled her. She felt all fuzzy round the edges.
Before she had time to dwell further on the ethics of her behaviour, the door swung open and she gasped at the beauty of the man in front of her.
Henri wore a silver-grey suit which caught the light when he moved and gave the effect of shimmering. Beneath it he wore a crisp white shirt but no tie. The top button of the shirt was undone and she could see the black hairs at the top of his chest. She knew that those hairs lightly covered his pecs and ran in a fine line over his abdomen and down to his groin. The thought made desire flicker deep inside her and she shivered with delight.
“Well, are you coming in, chérie?” He stood to one side to allow her access.
“Yes, of course.” She inclined her head then strode past him. Her impossibly high heels made her legs tremble on the plush carpet – at least she wanted to believe it was due to the heels but having Henri walk directly behind her was hard to ignore. She cursed herself for it but she just wanted him to hug her.
“So, Henri, the event this evening…” She turned to look at him and her mouth fell open. He had removed his jacket and flung it onto the bed and he was unbuttoning his shirt. “What are you…I mean…why are you…”



He stood before her, naked from the waist up and she felt the heady mist of desire swirl around her. His olive-skinned torso was strong and defined and as he moved towards her the muscles rippled beneath the skin. He was so toned that he even had the v shaped muscle which led from his lower abdominals and down to his crotch. She’d only seen them this toned once before and that was on Brad Pitt in Fight Club.
Oh what was she doing?
Henri was even better looking than Brad Pitt. And that was saying something! He’d overshadowed her teenage crush! The actor who she’d drooled over for years no longer even held a candle to the beautiful Frenchman she was actually spending time with.
Would she be left with a broken heart and no career? Did she even care? She was hypnotised by his energy, his beauty and her overpowering attraction to him. The way she felt when she was with him was so hard to explain, even to herself. How could one man be so damned sexy yet so sweet and reassuring? She wanted to screw him every way she could yet lie with her head in his lap and talk about the future they could have, the grandchildren they’d adore! She was slipping right out of her comfort zone.
Henri stopped just in front of her and smiled before reaching out to cup her face in his strong hands.
“Henri.” Her voice trembled. “I really don’t think we should be doing this.”
But I want to!
“Catrin.” He smoothed his thumbs over her lips then applied pressure so that they parted beneath his touch. “We’re not hurting anyone. You’re just looking after me.”
Oh I’m looking after you all right!



The warmth of his body pressed against hers and her legs started shaking. She felt like a bar of chocolate melting in the sun. Soon she’d be smudged all over Henri, all over the carpet and impossible to put back together.
His thumbs slipped between her lips and ran over the edge of her tongue. Her heartbeat quickened and she licked at his thumbs before closing her mouth over them. She savoured the taste of him. The feel of him. The strength he possessed.
Like he was about to possess her.
“That’s it, chérie,” he whispered, extracting one thumb so that she could concentrate on the other. His free hand rand down over her breasts where it cupped and squeezed until her nipples stood to attention. Her breasts ached with the need to be touched and suckled.
“Henri!” She sighed as he withdrew his thumb from her mouth. “We don’t have time. Really!” She took a step back. The way her body reacted to him alarmed her. She’d always been so in control and in the space of a week this man had…had…hypnotised her with his beauty, his charm, his lust and his touch. It was ridiculous. She had never let herself be distracted like this and she had to get a grip before she totally lost control. He was good looking, sure. In fact, he could have modelled Calvin Klein underwear on a billboard and put the bulging pants of the other models to shame, but this was just lust, surely? Nothing more and nothing less and she knew – her mother had told her often enough – how dangerous lust could be.
Henri looked at her, his chocolate-brown eyes full of something that she couldn’t define. Was it hurt? Confusion?
Probably just sexual frustration.
“So we really have to go now?” He cocked his head to one side and waggled his eyebrows.
“Yes!” She laughed in spite of the disappointment that throbbed between her own legs. “Get dressed!”
“One moment,” he whispered.
Catrin’s mouth fell open as he unzipped his fly and freed his generous erection.
“Oh!” She sighed, realising that he needed some attention. She wanted to give him some. Right now.
She placed her hands on his hips then slid down to her knees. Taking his length into her hands she caressed him firmly, the way she knew that he enjoyed. A shiny bead of liquid appeared at the tiny slit at the end of his cock and she licked it away.
“Chérie!” he moaned.
Catrin ran her lips over the end of him then slid him into her mouth, inch by delicious inch. She flickered her tongue around his girth and moved her hands rhythmically, each time taking him deeper into her. She knew how good it felt to have his length inside her and she clenched internally with excitement at the thought.
“So good, Catrin!” He exclaimed. “Très bien!”
Catrin inhaled his scent, the sweet musk of his skin mingled with his zesty shower gel. He made her hungry. She wanted to consume him. Her pussy tingled with need. Her core muscles fluttered in anticipation.
She increased her pace. She wanted him to feel her desire for him, to know that in this moment he was hers and she was his. She wanted to be more to him than any other woman ever had been or ever would be. She might struggle to articulate her feelings, might be too afraid to ever admit to them, but she could show him.
Again and again and again.
As he swelled inside her mouth and froze, she cupped his balls then tilted her head, taking him from tip to base.
He exploded in one final shuddering movement and she swallowed his essence, circling him gently as his movements slowed, wanting him to enjoy every second of her attention.
When she released him from her mouth, he lowered to his knees in front of her and cupped her face. His eyes were full of emotion. Her stomach flipped in response. What did this mean? Was this more than just sex to him?
He pulled her to him and kissed her, long and full on the lips and she melted into him. Her feelings scared her. She was so attracted to him and she wanted to give him the pleasures he bestowed upon her. Yet there was something else here that she was trying hard to ignore. Like a sweet wrapper in a silent cinema, it was crackling at her outer edges, and she wanted desperately to dismiss it. To feign indifference to its presence. To believe that this was just about lust.
How long she could do this, she didn’t know. Henri was getting to her in a way that no other man ever had. This was no crush, no infatuation.
What on earth was she going to do?
She released herself from his embrace and grabbed her purse from the bed where it had somehow landed. Had she flung it there?
Look at what was happening to her! She had a head full of scrambled eggs! She extracted her iPhone and quickly pulled up her email. Thinking business was always a good way to calm herself.
Her career was what mattered.
It was all that mattered.
Wasn’t it?


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