#bookrelease – High-Risk Fever – by @LeaBronsen

High-Risk Fever by Lea Bronsen

HighRiskFeverHighResThank you so much for hosting me! I’m incredibly happy to share this new release. I started it in response to an erotica anthology call in the spring of 2013. The antho didn’t happen, but I continued writing, broadening my genre spectrum from hetero erotica to GLBT and ménage. Though I’d already told the story of a gay boy in my debut novel, describing full-on gay acts and choreographing steamy foursome scenes so long they spanned over several chapters was a new experience and quite the challenge! *laughs* I hope you enjoy this wild ride of mine as well 

Two young and indecently handsome bicyclists visit a village in the French Alps during the summer holidays. Forced by a raging storm to spend the night at the local bed & breakfast, they invade the quiet lives of hostess Anne and her husband, Brian.
A power outage plunges the foursome into darkness, encouraging new liaisons to form, life-long secrets to be unveiled, and steamy lessons to be learned. But once the storm moves on, can the four find a balance and resume their normal lives?

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Breathing deeply to calm her nerves, she approached the unfortunate bicyclist and bent to grab his handlebar.
Surely by pure coincidence, one of his gloved hands landed on hers, curling strong fingers around her small ones and helping her pull until the bike stood upright between them.
Still, even as he stood on his feet, his hand lingered, holding hers firmly on the hard-plastic handle.
Anne looked up into his face, seeing him for the first time. How in the world had she missed such a jewel earlier? Among tanned, Latin features, a pair of black diamonds sparkling with mischief stared back without shame. His long, black locks were swept back in a ponytail, revealing a single golden earring in his left lobe. Large chest muscles heaved beneath a tight, pink spandex shirt, begging to be caressed by a woman’s hand, and black chest hairs peeked from the open collar.
Unable to believe the seductive intensity he exuded, she sucked in a breath and held it while the world narrowed. Her head buzzed. “What?”
“What?” The beautiful bicyclist used the same low tone, his full lips forming a teasing grin inches from her face. He was so near she could smell his hot breath. Intoxicating.
How had he come so close? And how long before her husband noticed?
Thankfully, Brian’s calm, indifferent voice rose behind her, addressing the blond bicyclist. “So you’re looking for a place to stay?”
“Yeah. We’ve already asked in several different villages on our way here.”
Anne tugged at her trapped hand and took a demonstrative step back. “Please.”
“Oh.” Feigning surprise, the dark beauty lifted an eyebrow and removed his hand, allowing her to retrieve hers. “Sorry,” he added, rolling a thick R with his tongue, keeping his lips parted a second too long. A move so deliberately naughty, her stomach knotted with need.
As she retreated, he studied her face with a grin, arrogance and amusement gleaming in his dark eyes, before turning his attention to the two other men.
Blood pulsing in her temples, she copied his movement.

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High-Risk Fever will tour the book blog sphere with Bridging the Gap Promotions December 8 – 19. Look out for guest posts, interviews, and giveaways!

LeaBronsenLea has always had a vivid imagination and written since an early age. Now juggling life as a mother, full-time worker, and thriving author, she struggles to find any reading time – but when she opens a book, she wants it fast, hot, and edgy! Striving to give her own stories the same intensity, she currently divides her writing time between psychological thriller, erotic contemporary romance, and dripping erotica.
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Evernight Publishing’s Second Annual Evernight Readers’ Choice Awards @evernightpub


Hey all! Nominations are now open for the Second Annual Evernight Readers’ Choice Awards. You can nominate books in up to 34 different categories! Nominations will stay open through 11/15. Semi-finalists announcements and voting will open the week of 11/17.



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I thought that as it’s Halloween, I’d post an excerpt from a wip. It’s an erotic vampire romance that I started quite a while ago and have yet to finish. Let me know what you think. Would you like to know what happens next?



Sean perched on the edge of the roof, looking up at the surrounding buildings. Despite his high vantage point, he could still feel the vibrations from the music that was blasting out in the club below. The nightclub was housed in the cellar of an old office building. It had been jazzed up recently by one of those big corporations that own chains of clubs and pubs and it seemed to be very popular.
The dated building was dwarfed by the others; a remnant from an earlier time. Sean found this strangely comforting. It was an anachronism, just like him.
The autumn wind whipped at his dark hair, tumbling his heavy locks down over his forehead, and stinging his sensitive eyes. He shook his head to free his hair from his long eyelashes and growled in frustration as the wind repeated its previous irritation. The biting winds carried a thousand aromas upon them and he could pick them out at will; savour each one, then cast it away just as quickly. It was a skill that he had perfected over the years and one that had not come easily.
Noises from below caused him to look down. A few drunks tumbled out of the club and into the alleyway, laughing and hiccupping before cursing as the chill winds threatened to return them to almost immediate sobriety. The corners of his mouth twitched when one of the drunks began to slur an old Irish ballad, arms wrapped around the shoulders of a drinking buddy, as they staggered off into the night.
Suddenly, he sniffed hungrily at the air. Then again, and this time he inhaled deeply. There she was! His eyes penetrated the gloom that cloaked the streets beneath the club’s neon sign, flickering quickly over half a dozen heads until he spotted her. He heard her heels clicking on the sidewalk as she left the noise and warmth of the club behind, striding out into the alleyway, not pausing even to button her coat against the chill.
He was impressed at the young woman’s speed, considering the height of her heels, and he was entranced by the way that her wavy blonde hair was whisked around by the wind like a golden tornado. Sean focused on her and savoured the light coconut fragrance of her shampoo and the delicate cinnamon notes of her perfume. His mouth watered. His stomach growled.
As the woman walked away, Sean leapt powerfully up and across the roofs of the buildings, following her, keeping her continuously within his sight.

What happens next??? 😉

News of the festive kind…



It may be September but many authors and publishing houses already have their Christmas books lined up for you! Christmas 2014 is going to be a fabulous one for readers. 🙂

If all goes to plan, I will have a Christmas release of my own. It’s a full length regency romance novel. Release dates, title and cover tbc but knowing that my festive flirt will be coming soon is very exciting!

What books are you looking forward to reading as winter approaches?

Have a great weekend folks.

Molly xxx

Lounge tree

Lounge tree

A Good Day…attitude of gratitude. :-) #happiness #time

Stairway to heaven ©Depositphotos/joruba75

Today has been a good day in many ways and I’m working an attitude of gratitude.

Here’s why:

I have a husband I adore.

I have the best children in the world.

I am healthy and my loved ones are too.

I have two dogs and I always wanted dogs. We get to take some fabulous walks and it helps to keep me fit.

I have some great friends across the social networks from authors to editors to book reviewers to readers.

I am 12k into my WIP which is a different genre and won’t be published under MAW as it’s not erotic romance but I’m really enjoying writing it.

I just got an acceptance on a manuscript. It’s always a wonderful feeling.

And that is why I am working my attitude of gratitude.

What are you grateful for today?

Hugs! xxx

They did what?

(Image ©Depositphotos/everett225)

(Image ©Depositphotos/everett225)

I’ve come across some interesting information whilst researching for my WIP A Rancher for Rosie – the second book in The Duggans of Montana series. I won’t give too much away, but I wanted to find out more about contraceptive methods in the old Wild West. I really enjoy the research stage of writing, even when it pulls me out of the story because I need to check a fact or confirm something I think I know.

Today, we have access to a range of ways to avoid getting pregnant or picking up some nasty sexually transmitted infection, even if no method (other than complete abstinence) is 100% effective. Back in the 1800s, the need for contraception was no different, but I’ll be honest…some of their methods weren’t pretty!

Here are a few examples of things women, especially prostitutes, did to avoid getting pregnant:

Relying on the rhythm method.
Using a womb veil, or cervical cap, which could be made out of the scraped out rind of half a lemon or treated sheep intestines.
Using early forms of condoms which were – ew – made out of sheep intestines or rubber. The latter could be washed out and reused.
Inserting vinegar soaked sponges into the woman to create a hostile environment for ‘swimmers’.
Douching with a variety of substances such as pearlash, carbolic acid, quinine or lemon juice. Sometimes they created douches out of arsenic or mercury, combined with herbs like juniper, asafoetida and pennyroyal.
Having intercrural sex, which was simulating intercourse by holding the man’s erection between your thighs.
Indulging in anal sex.
The last resort – abortion – either by ingesting something with abortifacient properties, such as Queen Anne’s Lace seeds, or visiting an abortionist.

This list isn’t comprehensive, so let me know if you’re aware of any others.

Molly xxx

Molly 2

And here’s where the magic happens…

Happy Saturday everyone!!!

Thought I’d share my writing place with you today, the place where the ‘magic’ happens. Not the Harry Potter kind of magic but the writing magic! My writing place is where I’m sitting right now, tapping away on my laptop, trying to complete my current WIP!

We don’t have the room for a study or even a desk, so I write in this chair in my lounge. It’s comfortable and means that I get to sit with my family and the dogs while I write. If they’re being noisy or the TV is on, I just plug in my headphones and listen to some good writing tunes. Occasionally, I write in bed or at the kitchen table but I’m usually found in the lounge. Next to the chair is the footstool which currently holds my note pads. I always have at least three or four full of story ideas, character notes and other reminders.


Where do you read or write? Do you find it difficult to get the time and the peace to do either?

©Depositphotos/ konradbak

©Depositphotos/ konradbak

(And this is for inspirational purposes, of course!)

Molly xxx