A Writer’s Tears #amwriting #emotion

WHISKEY-e1407500488237-225x300 For my birthday in August, my husband bought me a lovely bottle of pot still Irish whiskey. We enjoy trying different whiskies and collecting rare ones.
This particular bottle had me in tears. I’m sentimental and emotional, I know, but he’s just such a thoughtful man and he knows how much writing means to me.
The whiskey is called Writers Tears. In the description on the box it states that most…writers have suffered from writer’s block and many sought comfort and inspiration from…whiskey. After reading the description, it sent my mind into overdrive. I mean, how many writers actually end up in tears over different aspects of the writing process.
I shed tears when I get a story accepted, I shed tears when I get a great review but I can’t say that I shed tears when I get writer’s block, although it is frustrating. I guess it is a good excuse to pour a nice glass of whiskey though…
I also shed tears as a reader – and that happens a lot – but that’s a whole other blog post.
What makes you shed tears? If you’re an author, do you suffer from writer’s block and how do you get over it? If you’re an avid reader, is there anything in particular about a great read that makes you cry?
And while we’re on the subject of emotion, it is nearly two years since my debut publication with Totally Bound of my historical western novella Desire in Deadwood. Another cause to raise a wee dram!
Have a great weekend!
Molly xxx

Evernight Publishing’s Second Annual Evernight Readers’ Choice Awards @evernightpub


Hey all! Nominations are now open for the Second Annual Evernight Readers’ Choice Awards. You can nominate books in up to 34 different categories! Nominations will stay open through 11/15. Semi-finalists announcements and voting will open the week of 11/17.



Just browsing…

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I was browsing the WWW just now when I spotted this:


Bound to the Bad Boy has got a 4* review over at Night Owl Reviews!!! WOOT! 🙂

Here’s the review:

“Bound to the Bad Boy

The main and secondary characters in Bound to the Bad Boy are appealing and exciting. I enjoyed see an old love face issues in their past. Overall, this was a great story that is well written. I hope we get to see more of these characters in the future.

Megan Agnelli is back in her hometown of Cherub, Minnesota to attend her high school reunion. The main reason for her attendance is to prove to herself she can put the past in the past and move on. The biggest is her feelings for her first love of Matt King, her first Dom. He is the one that still haunts her dreams.

Matt King is a Dom and a hot and sexy man. He is a handsome tattooed biker that is part of a motorcycle club. Matt’s life since high school has not been easy. He went down for a crime he did not do and Megan left him as a result.

The chemistry between Matt and Megan is blistering. Their time together brings all the old feelings back for both of them. The sex scenes are hot and spicy. I enjoyed seeing Matt and Megan face their past and work through their issues to move forward.”