Guest Blogger Molly Ann Wishlade – A Rancher for Rosie

Thanks to Wild and Wicked Cowboys for hosting A Rancher for Rosie! 🙂

Wild and Wicked Cowboys

Hey there, cowboy lovers! I’m thrilled to be here today to tell you about my August book release A Rancher for Rosie, the second book in my historical romance series The Duggans of Montana.


Each book follows the journey of a different Duggan sibling as they fall in love. This love is passionate, life-altering and mind-blowing because once it begins to unfold, there is no turning back. Only by surrendering to this love, and by finding a way forwards to live with this love, can the characters find their happy ever after.

Here’s an excerpt:

Rosie pressed her nails into her palms. Her stomach was tight and she quivered from head to toe. She could stop this now, could tell Joshua that she wasn’t ready, that she wanted to wait. But she wouldn’t do that. She wanted him. Even through her nerves, she sizzled with raw, unfettered longing…

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Hey there! What are your thoughts? Molly xxx

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