#bookreview – Prada and Prejudice – by @katieoliver01 @ukcarina #amreading

Prada and PrejudicePrada and Prejudice by Katie Oliver
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Prada and Prejudice was SO much fun! I thoroughly enjoyed this romp of a read.
Our heroine Natalie Dashwood is a tad spoilt and self-absorbed at the start of the novel but it’s clear that she has a good heart from the way in which she treats her ex, rock-star Dominic, and her friends and family. She is an adorably innocent character and even when it was obvious that she was in the wrong, I was still routing for her.
Rhys Gordon our hero is clever, charismatic, hot and, at times, a ruthless businessman. He may have been brought up on a council estate but he knows his way around money and makes plenty of it. He is the perfect match for Natalie but theirs is a rocky road…will they or won’t they?
Along with the burgeoning romance, the novel has a few exciting sub-plots involving fashion designers and disgruntled employees of Dashwood and James department store, and these add to the fun. Katie Oliver brings all of the story strands expertly together at the end and if, like me, you love a happy ending, you won’t be disappointed.
I loved this novel.

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