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Beneath the Moon and StarsBeneath the Moon and Stars by Amelia Thorne
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is a stunning debut from a gifted author. Amelia Thorne has the ability to combine comedy, romance, spice and mystery in one gripping plot.
Joy Cartier, the heroine, is bright, talented, strong, petite and beautiful. She has a rescue dog called Darcy and a caring brother but is otherwise all alone in the world. She has a tragic and troubled past, but in spite of this, she carves out her way in the world without fear or hesitation – LITERALLY! 😉 I loved the fact that, even though Joy was tiny, she kicked ass whenever anyone tried to get the better of her. She is a heroine you can empathise with, adore and admire.
Finn, gorgeous, rich movie star and Joy’s new neighbour is HUGE! Oh boy! In every way you can imagine… This is a man you just have to read about. He’s deep, dark and dangerous like Heathcliff, yet penetrate beneath the tough exterior (pleeeaaassse) and he’s as sweet and passionate as they come. He’s as drawn to Joy as she is to him but he fights his attraction to her and it makes for scintillating reading. Will they won’t they…?
Other characters include brothers Casey (an absolute sweetheart) and Zach (tart with a heart) and the vile villagers of Bramble Hill – Britain’s’ friendliest’ village. Warning: watch out for this lot though as they bring their own troubles and dilemmas into Joy’s already turbulent life.
Amelia Thorne is an author to watch and I will certainly be keenly awaiting her next novel.

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