#bookreview – Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off – by Jill Steeples @jillesteeples @ukcarina

Let's Call the Whole Thing OffLet’s Call the Whole Thing Off by Jill Steeples
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I devoured this funny, poignant and enjoyable novel within hours because I just couldn’t put it down! Jill Steeples kept me guessing until the end because I wanted to know if Anna would actually call the whole thing off or if she would forgive the cheating Ed.
LCTWTO tells the story of Anna, who experiences every bride-to-be’s worst nightmare when she finds out that her fiancé is cheating just days before the wedding. Even worse is who he’s cheating with.
Anna does what any self-respecting and level-headed woman would do and…runs away to the seaside. Her behaviour and thoughts as she deals with her shock are totally understandable but even though she wallows in her grief at times, Jill Steeples manages to make Anna likeable and her behaviour is often downright hilarious. One of the things I really enjoyed about this novel was the fact that even though it’s about a serious topic, it’s really enjoyable, because the moments that could be sad and depressing are always lightened up with comedy.
My favourite line: “Maybe I could spend the rest of my life on the run, a fugitive from the wedding from hell.” This made me giggle.
This is a fabulous read and would be great for a sunny afternoon on the beach or snuggled up on the sofa.
And look out for ‘Dave’. He’s a dream come true! 😉

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