What Gideon did next… #bookboyfriend erotic excerpt



Gideon had hardened instantly when he’d emerged from the trees and seen Harry working Amber’s beautiful naked body. Her full breasts had bounced around as she’d come into Harry’s mouth, and Gideon had relished the pleasure he’d seen on his lover’s face. Harry hadn’t looked so happy in such a long time, and it lifted Gideon’s heart to see him smiling, relaxing and … was he falling in love? His previous doubts had sunk from his mind like rocks to the bottom of a pond. If Miss Amber Carpenter could have such a positive effect upon his lover, then Gideon didn’t want to be the man to destroy that joy, however temporary.



Gideon had hoped to see Harry penetrate the woman with his cock when he’d moved up her body, but no, Harry had been concerned mainly with her pleasure. It was the same between him and Harry. Gideon had to take the lead and sometimes insist that Harry accept pleasure. It was the way that things worked between them. Harry liked to please. But pleasuring him was a delight that Gideon enjoyed immensely, especially when he drove his cock into Harry’s tight ass whilst jacking him off with his hand.

He felt his erection swelling as Harry suckled him now. Damn, the man was good. And having a naked woman crawling across the ground on her knees towards him just increased the pleasure of the experience. He watched her large bosoms swaying as she crawled, her eyes full of curiosity and hunger. All his fantasies were happening at once!

He arched into Harry’s experienced mouth as Harry felt around his ass and found the back of his ball-sack. His lover stroked there for a while then worked his finger upwards and fondled his anus. Gideon spread his legs wider, and he groaned as Harry entered him.

Amber reached his feet and sat up on her knees. She was a fine looking woman. “Play with your tits!” Gideon growled the order, not even sure if she was up for this. But she did it. She cupped and squeezed her breasts, whilst looking seductively up at him from beneath her thick black eyelashes. She pulled her nipples hard so that they pointed towards him.

Damn it all to hell!

Harry increased his pace, his mouth and tongue working rapidly and regularly, up and down, round and round. He probed the tiny slit in Gideon’s cock end, and he worked his finger in Gideon’s ass, circling, probing, rubbing. The sensations made Gideon’s head swim, and he felt like his knees would give way and his heart burst forth from his chest. And when he felt like he could take no more, Amber reached out and grabbed his balls.

His cock swelled, his sack tightened, and he came hard, shooting deep into Harry’s welcoming throat.



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