Molly Ann Wishlade Invites You to A Cowboy Community

Head on over to the local cowboy community! 😉 We all have cowboys on our minds…

Wild and Wicked Cowboys

I’m thrilled to be a guest at Wild and Wicked Cowboys again. I regularly visit this blog myself to read the great posts and comments. It’s a lovely, warm community based on a mutual love of cowboys and the Wild West. There’s nothing like a cowboy hero to get the heart thumping and the…ahem…juices flowing.

In my latest release, a short novel, with Totally Bound, the hero Kenan Duggan returns from the cattle trail to get a BIG surprise! Catherine Montgomery, the fiancée he’d believed dead for two years, arrives and throws him into emotional turmoil.  She has a few unpleasant secrets to divulge and Kenan has to fight his desire for revenge – not on Catherine but on the men who took her away from him.

Molly 1

While Kenan tries to come to terms with Catherine’s explanation about her disappearance, he also finds his old passion for her overpowering and…

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Hey there! What are your thoughts? Molly xxx

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