Saturday Cowboys Getting Their Kit Off

Just because it’s Saturday, let’s take a walk into the world of the historical Western and enjoy a saucy scene with a cowboy getting his kit off! 😉



Amber couldn’t take her eyes from Harry’s naked form. The sketches in Miss Claudia’s book hadn’t prepared her for this. The broad shoulders looked even bigger without his shirt, and his chest was smooth and tanned. Small light brown nipples pointed out from bulging pectoral muscles. His stomach rippled when he moved from side to side, and as he turned, she admired how his tight ass curved up from his muscular thighs. She had a sudden urge to sink her teeth into his flesh.
She had never seen a naked man before, and she realized now how different men and women really were. Her own body, and those of the young women she’d been with, was soft and smooth. It was hairless except for the ebony curls on her pussy and the fluff beneath her arms. But Harry had thick hairy legs and white blond hairs on his forearms, which caught the light as he moved. A long line of hair also snaked downwards from his bellybutton to his cock as if put there deliberately to point to his glorious member. He reminded her of a drawing of a Greek god in a history book in school. He was glorious, good, kind, strong, sexy. But what was his flaw? Every man was flawed. There had to be something wrong with him, a secret he was hiding that could break her heart, her body, or even her mind. She shuddered and shrugged the thought away. It didn’t matter. She wasn’t committing to him. This was just about here and now. It was physical. She returned her attention to his form. His cock was magnificent. It rose dusky pink and rock hard from his body as if reaching out to the sun. It was thick and long, and she wondered at how it could fit into the tight place between her velvet lips. Surely it would cause too much pain?
The thought was drowned out by the tingling that was spreading throughout her entire body, tightening her nipples and making her cunny all warm and wet. It was as if the place deep inside her yearned for his length, as if it called out for fulfilment. Need tingled through her like warm honey, arousing her senses and making her as lightheaded as if she’d drunk too much cherry wine. Was this what being with a man was all about? But then she remembered. Harry had told her that they didn’t have to try that, hadn’t he? She didn’t have to take him into her body. But she realized that she really, really wanted to, and she would if she got the chance.
“Can I touch it?” He nodded. “Of course. I’d like you to.”
She moved towards him and reached out to fondle the tip with her thumb and forefinger. She brought her hand away. “It’s wet.”
Harry smiled. “That’s my lubrication, to ease me into a woman, I guess. But it can also get you with child if I get too excited and even more comes out.” His cheeks flushed.
She frowned at him then raised her hand to her mouth. She licked her fingers and tasted his essence, at once sweet and salty, full of powerful musky masculinity. She liked it. It excited her, awakened something within her that made her want more of him. Her inner muscles tightened. Her body was eager for fulfilment.
Harry smiled. “You like it?”
She nodded then reached out and took his cock in her right hand. He groaned as she closed her fingers around him and squeezed. “What should I do? To pleasure you?” she whispered.
He placed his hand over hers and loosened her fingers a little, and then he began to move her hand up and down his length. Beneath her fingers, his erection was hard as steel, yet the skin covering it was soft as her best silk stockings. And she could feel his power there, at his core, contained energy and pleasure all waiting to be released. Harry increased the pace of their hands, and Amber felt his cock get harder. She watched as his eyelids flickered and his Adam’s apple bobbed up and down in his throat. As their movements got faster, he pushed into her fingers, time after time until he seemed to swell beneath her touch. Suddenly, he froze then jerked, and hot liquid shot from the tip of his erection and landed on the ground at their feet.
“Oh, Amber.” He sighed, slowing the massaging before gently releasing her hand from beneath his.
“Was it good?” She asked, wanting to know that she had done well, that she had pleased this golden god.
He pressed his mouth against her forehead and kissed her. His lips were hot, and the stubble on his chin grazed her skin. His blond hair had fallen forwards, and strands of it now hung over his eyes. It made him look even sexier, like he’d just climbed out of bed. Waking up next to this man every morning would be a pleasure just to see him looking this good.
“It was amazing, Amber. And now that my … gun has been fired,” he winked at her, “I can concentrate on you without the fear of shooting too soon.” He reached out towards Amber’s jacket and began slowly unbuttoning it, pausing only to gently skim her nipples, which poked through the material like seed pearls yearning to be polished.




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