We LOVE Romance Blog Hop – Excerpt

Here’s an excerpt from my Carina romance Trying Too Hard… Be warned, it’s for over 18 only!!! 😉



As soon as Henri shut the hotel door behind him, they began kissing. They hungrily tasted each other’s lips and tongues as if they’d been denied intimate contact for years rather than hours.
The room was warm and smelt of Henri. Catrin found it both comforting and arousing. It was a scent that she recognised and responded to and for a moment she wondered how it would be to always come home to him.
She watched as he stepped out of his boxers then walked in front of her through the short corridor and into the lounge of the executive suite. His tight buttocks were full and round and she fought the urge to hurry forwards and sink her teeth into them. She was consumed by her need for him.
He stopped in front of the fireplace and gestured to the plush cream sofa.
Catrin eyed him greedily, savouring every inch of his lean, hard body. She roamed her eyes from his broad shoulders, across his strong defined pecs, down his toned abs and his thick muscular rugby player’s legs. The sight of his thighs made her own quiver. And between his stomach and thighs was his gorgeous, rock-hard cock. It stood stiff and proud and her clit tingled with anticipation, her inner muscles clenched with desire. She knew how good it felt to take him inside her and to feel him beneath her, on top of her, behind her. She wanted this man every way she could have him. Her earlier doubts had almost disappeared and she was ruled again by lust and need and a sense of wanting to demonstrate her appreciation of him.
What on earth was going on?
She shrugged the question away as she stepped out of her dress then stood before him in just her heels. She bent to remove them but he growled, “Leave the shoes on!”
“Really?” She smiled. Her feet were in agony and she had been looking forward to getting them off but she could bear them for a while longer.
“I love your pussy, cherie.” He grinned as he eyed the neat golden line of hair.
“I love that you love it,” she replied moving towards him.
“I want you,” he whispered, his voice husky as he devoured her with his eyes.
She nodded. She felt empowered when he looked at her with eyes so full of passion. It made her feel that anything was possible. The opportunities were endless.
“Catrin!” He grabbed his cock in his left hand and caressed it from base to tip. “Dance for me!”
“What?” Her eyes flew open. Her nipples hardened.
“I want to see you dance.”
“Really? But there’s no music.” She suddenly felt self-conscious stood in the middle of a hotel room in just her shoes.
“Imagine…” He lowered himself to the sofa then watched her cross the room.
She stood in front of him, within touching distance, then began to sway her hips in the way she’d seen the girls at the Venus Lounge do. She started slowly at first then turned and wiggled her bottom at him.
“Yes, chérie!” He groaned. “That’s it. Now show me everything!”
She bent over slightly so that he could see between her legs and she moved from side to side. When he placed a warm hand on her bottom, she nearly fell over but she caught herself just in time. He grabbed her hips then pulled her backwards so that she sat on his lap facing away from him.
He kissed the back of her neck, pushing her plait to one side then the other so that he could pay both sides equal attention. When he nibbled her ear lobes she moaned and shifted on his lap, eager to feel the erection that was digging into her bottom entering her.
He pulled her backwards, shifting his cock so that it rested between her back and his belly then he reached around and cupped her breasts. He pulled on her nipples and she writhed on his legs, her clitoris pulsing with desire. She turned in his embrace and straddled him.
“I need you now!” she groaned, opening her legs wider to allow him access. He slid a hand between her thighs and touched her.
“You are très wet, chérie,” he grunted. “You want me?” He rubbed at her pussy lips then parted them and entered her with first one finger then two, whilst rubbing the pad of his thumb over her clit. She moved with his hand, longing building in her and threatening to bubble over like a shaken champagne bottle.
“My wallet!” He stopped caressing her for a moment and gently moved from under her. She whimpered as he left her side.
When he stood in front of her again, he rolled the condom down his length and brandished his erection. She stared at it, mesmerised by its size and splendour.
“How do you want me?”
“Like this!” Catrin replied, turning on the couch so that she faced its back. She sighed as he knelt behind her then took hold of her hips. He pulled her backwards, thrusting into her with one long hard movement that filled her to her very core.
With each thrust, Catrin moaned, driven towards the pinnacle of ecstasy. As Henri drove his length into her, gripping her hips tightly in his large hands, she kept one hand on the sofa back for balance and reached down with the other one to toy with her clit.
“I feel your excitement, chérie!” Henri whispered into her ear. “I feel you clenching me tightly!”
“Oh…Henri!” Spots danced before her eyes as her fingers and Henri’s plundering cock brought her to the edge and she hurtled over into the delicious abyss of orgasm.
Fired by her climax, Henri’s thrusts grew faster and he pounded into her until she felt him freeze, before the pulsing of his cock signalled his own release. He remained still for a moment then he encircled her in his arms, his head resting on her shoulder, his hot breath on her neck.
They stayed that way for a while, as close as a man and woman can be, their heartbeats slowing and the sweat on their bodies cooling.


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