Trying Too Hard… RELEASE DAY :)



So it’s release day! Trying Too Hard has been released with Carina UK. So to celebrate, here’s an extract for you. Hope you like! Let me know what you think. 🙂

Catrin stood outside the hotel room door. She raised her hand to knock then let it fall to her side again.
What was she doing? This was absolute madness! She was riding a wave that would surely drop her into shark infested waters. If Liam found out what she’d been up to with Henri he’d be furious, wouldn’t he? The lines about clients and agents had never been clearly drawn. She’d been told to take good care of Henri and she’d found the directive ambiguous. Was she supposed to look after his needs…all of his needs? If so, then she’d done well so far. Or was her job description limited to strictly hands off, no touching?
If she got it wrong and Liam found out, she knew that if he didn’t sack her on the spot, he’d never make her permanent. But then, Henri wasn’t officially her client. She was just taking care of him while Liam was busy with other things.
Did that make it OK? Would Liam see it that way? She wished that everything was clearer but since Henri had arrived, nothing had been clear any more. Her vision and her thinking were hazy, infused with a smoky scarlet glow that warmed her and puzzled her. She felt all fuzzy round the edges.
Before she had time to dwell further on the ethics of her behaviour, the door swung open and she gasped at the beauty of the man in front of her.
Henri wore a silver-grey suit which caught the light when he moved and gave the effect of shimmering. Beneath it he wore a crisp white shirt but no tie. The top button of the shirt was undone and she could see the black hairs at the top of his chest. She knew that those hairs lightly covered his pecs and ran in a fine line over his abdomen and down to his groin. The thought made desire flicker deep inside her and she shivered with delight.
“Well, are you coming in, chérie?” He stood to one side to allow her access.
“Yes, of course.” She inclined her head then strode past him. Her impossibly high heels made her legs tremble on the plush carpet – at least she wanted to believe it was due to the heels but having Henri walk directly behind her was hard to ignore. She cursed herself for it but she just wanted him to hug her.
“So, Henri, the event this evening…” She turned to look at him and her mouth fell open. He had removed his jacket and flung it onto the bed and he was unbuttoning his shirt. “What are you…I mean…why are you…”



He stood before her, naked from the waist up and she felt the heady mist of desire swirl around her. His olive-skinned torso was strong and defined and as he moved towards her the muscles rippled beneath the skin. He was so toned that he even had the v shaped muscle which led from his lower abdominals and down to his crotch. She’d only seen them this toned once before and that was on Brad Pitt in Fight Club.
Oh what was she doing?
Henri was even better looking than Brad Pitt. And that was saying something! He’d overshadowed her teenage crush! The actor who she’d drooled over for years no longer even held a candle to the beautiful Frenchman she was actually spending time with.
Would she be left with a broken heart and no career? Did she even care? She was hypnotised by his energy, his beauty and her overpowering attraction to him. The way she felt when she was with him was so hard to explain, even to herself. How could one man be so damned sexy yet so sweet and reassuring? She wanted to screw him every way she could yet lie with her head in his lap and talk about the future they could have, the grandchildren they’d adore! She was slipping right out of her comfort zone.
Henri stopped just in front of her and smiled before reaching out to cup her face in his strong hands.
“Henri.” Her voice trembled. “I really don’t think we should be doing this.”
But I want to!
“Catrin.” He smoothed his thumbs over her lips then applied pressure so that they parted beneath his touch. “We’re not hurting anyone. You’re just looking after me.”
Oh I’m looking after you all right!



The warmth of his body pressed against hers and her legs started shaking. She felt like a bar of chocolate melting in the sun. Soon she’d be smudged all over Henri, all over the carpet and impossible to put back together.
His thumbs slipped between her lips and ran over the edge of her tongue. Her heartbeat quickened and she licked at his thumbs before closing her mouth over them. She savoured the taste of him. The feel of him. The strength he possessed.
Like he was about to possess her.
“That’s it, chérie,” he whispered, extracting one thumb so that she could concentrate on the other. His free hand rand down over her breasts where it cupped and squeezed until her nipples stood to attention. Her breasts ached with the need to be touched and suckled.
“Henri!” She sighed as he withdrew his thumb from her mouth. “We don’t have time. Really!” She took a step back. The way her body reacted to him alarmed her. She’d always been so in control and in the space of a week this man had…had…hypnotised her with his beauty, his charm, his lust and his touch. It was ridiculous. She had never let herself be distracted like this and she had to get a grip before she totally lost control. He was good looking, sure. In fact, he could have modelled Calvin Klein underwear on a billboard and put the bulging pants of the other models to shame, but this was just lust, surely? Nothing more and nothing less and she knew – her mother had told her often enough – how dangerous lust could be.
Henri looked at her, his chocolate-brown eyes full of something that she couldn’t define. Was it hurt? Confusion?
Probably just sexual frustration.
“So we really have to go now?” He cocked his head to one side and waggled his eyebrows.
“Yes!” She laughed in spite of the disappointment that throbbed between her own legs. “Get dressed!”
“One moment,” he whispered.
Catrin’s mouth fell open as he unzipped his fly and freed his generous erection.
“Oh!” She sighed, realising that he needed some attention. She wanted to give him some. Right now.
She placed her hands on his hips then slid down to her knees. Taking his length into her hands she caressed him firmly, the way she knew that he enjoyed. A shiny bead of liquid appeared at the tiny slit at the end of his cock and she licked it away.
“Chérie!” he moaned.
Catrin ran her lips over the end of him then slid him into her mouth, inch by delicious inch. She flickered her tongue around his girth and moved her hands rhythmically, each time taking him deeper into her. She knew how good it felt to have his length inside her and she clenched internally with excitement at the thought.
“So good, Catrin!” He exclaimed. “Très bien!”
Catrin inhaled his scent, the sweet musk of his skin mingled with his zesty shower gel. He made her hungry. She wanted to consume him. Her pussy tingled with need. Her core muscles fluttered in anticipation.
She increased her pace. She wanted him to feel her desire for him, to know that in this moment he was hers and she was his. She wanted to be more to him than any other woman ever had been or ever would be. She might struggle to articulate her feelings, might be too afraid to ever admit to them, but she could show him.
Again and again and again.
As he swelled inside her mouth and froze, she cupped his balls then tilted her head, taking him from tip to base.
He exploded in one final shuddering movement and she swallowed his essence, circling him gently as his movements slowed, wanting him to enjoy every second of her attention.
When she released him from her mouth, he lowered to his knees in front of her and cupped her face. His eyes were full of emotion. Her stomach flipped in response. What did this mean? Was this more than just sex to him?
He pulled her to him and kissed her, long and full on the lips and she melted into him. Her feelings scared her. She was so attracted to him and she wanted to give him the pleasures he bestowed upon her. Yet there was something else here that she was trying hard to ignore. Like a sweet wrapper in a silent cinema, it was crackling at her outer edges, and she wanted desperately to dismiss it. To feign indifference to its presence. To believe that this was just about lust.
How long she could do this, she didn’t know. Henri was getting to her in a way that no other man ever had. This was no crush, no infatuation.
What on earth was she going to do?
She released herself from his embrace and grabbed her purse from the bed where it had somehow landed. Had she flung it there?
Look at what was happening to her! She had a head full of scrambled eggs! She extracted her iPhone and quickly pulled up her email. Thinking business was always a good way to calm herself.
Her career was what mattered.
It was all that mattered.
Wasn’t it?


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