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Molly Ann Wishlade – Trying Too Hard

Release date: 29th January 2014

Publisher: Carina UK

Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance


What’s the French word for lust…?

Hired as an intern at a coveted talent agency, blonde bubbly Catrin Owens knew she could be brilliant at the job. The code of conduct is crystal clear – business is business, pleasure is pleasure…and the two should never, ever meet! No problem for Catrin – she’s hardworking, and determined to excel. Until, that is, she meets the 6 ft-something wall of lean muscle that is her boss’ top client…

Scarred, and brimming with forbidden sex appeal, the French rugby star Henri Chevallier crashes through the walls of Catrin’s neatly-ordered life – and throws her polished professionalism aside like a scrap of sheer French lingerie!

The sex is fierce, exhilarating…life-changing – and almost all the more exciting as she knows she’s risking the…

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Trying Too Hard… RELEASE DAY :)



So it’s release day! Trying Too Hard has been released with Carina UK. So to celebrate, here’s an extract for you. Hope you like! Let me know what you think. 🙂

Catrin stood outside the hotel room door. She raised her hand to knock then let it fall to her side again.
What was she doing? This was absolute madness! She was riding a wave that would surely drop her into shark infested waters. If Liam found out what she’d been up to with Henri he’d be furious, wouldn’t he? The lines about clients and agents had never been clearly drawn. She’d been told to take good care of Henri and she’d found the directive ambiguous. Was she supposed to look after his needs…all of his needs? If so, then she’d done well so far. Or was her job description limited to strictly hands off, no touching?
If she got it wrong and Liam found out, she knew that if he didn’t sack her on the spot, he’d never make her permanent. But then, Henri wasn’t officially her client. She was just taking care of him while Liam was busy with other things.
Did that make it OK? Would Liam see it that way? She wished that everything was clearer but since Henri had arrived, nothing had been clear any more. Her vision and her thinking were hazy, infused with a smoky scarlet glow that warmed her and puzzled her. She felt all fuzzy round the edges.
Before she had time to dwell further on the ethics of her behaviour, the door swung open and she gasped at the beauty of the man in front of her.
Henri wore a silver-grey suit which caught the light when he moved and gave the effect of shimmering. Beneath it he wore a crisp white shirt but no tie. The top button of the shirt was undone and she could see the black hairs at the top of his chest. She knew that those hairs lightly covered his pecs and ran in a fine line over his abdomen and down to his groin. The thought made desire flicker deep inside her and she shivered with delight.
“Well, are you coming in, chérie?” He stood to one side to allow her access.
“Yes, of course.” She inclined her head then strode past him. Her impossibly high heels made her legs tremble on the plush carpet – at least she wanted to believe it was due to the heels but having Henri walk directly behind her was hard to ignore. She cursed herself for it but she just wanted him to hug her.
“So, Henri, the event this evening…” She turned to look at him and her mouth fell open. He had removed his jacket and flung it onto the bed and he was unbuttoning his shirt. “What are you…I mean…why are you…”



He stood before her, naked from the waist up and she felt the heady mist of desire swirl around her. His olive-skinned torso was strong and defined and as he moved towards her the muscles rippled beneath the skin. He was so toned that he even had the v shaped muscle which led from his lower abdominals and down to his crotch. She’d only seen them this toned once before and that was on Brad Pitt in Fight Club.
Oh what was she doing?
Henri was even better looking than Brad Pitt. And that was saying something! He’d overshadowed her teenage crush! The actor who she’d drooled over for years no longer even held a candle to the beautiful Frenchman she was actually spending time with.
Would she be left with a broken heart and no career? Did she even care? She was hypnotised by his energy, his beauty and her overpowering attraction to him. The way she felt when she was with him was so hard to explain, even to herself. How could one man be so damned sexy yet so sweet and reassuring? She wanted to screw him every way she could yet lie with her head in his lap and talk about the future they could have, the grandchildren they’d adore! She was slipping right out of her comfort zone.
Henri stopped just in front of her and smiled before reaching out to cup her face in his strong hands.
“Henri.” Her voice trembled. “I really don’t think we should be doing this.”
But I want to!
“Catrin.” He smoothed his thumbs over her lips then applied pressure so that they parted beneath his touch. “We’re not hurting anyone. You’re just looking after me.”
Oh I’m looking after you all right!



The warmth of his body pressed against hers and her legs started shaking. She felt like a bar of chocolate melting in the sun. Soon she’d be smudged all over Henri, all over the carpet and impossible to put back together.
His thumbs slipped between her lips and ran over the edge of her tongue. Her heartbeat quickened and she licked at his thumbs before closing her mouth over them. She savoured the taste of him. The feel of him. The strength he possessed.
Like he was about to possess her.
“That’s it, chérie,” he whispered, extracting one thumb so that she could concentrate on the other. His free hand rand down over her breasts where it cupped and squeezed until her nipples stood to attention. Her breasts ached with the need to be touched and suckled.
“Henri!” She sighed as he withdrew his thumb from her mouth. “We don’t have time. Really!” She took a step back. The way her body reacted to him alarmed her. She’d always been so in control and in the space of a week this man had…had…hypnotised her with his beauty, his charm, his lust and his touch. It was ridiculous. She had never let herself be distracted like this and she had to get a grip before she totally lost control. He was good looking, sure. In fact, he could have modelled Calvin Klein underwear on a billboard and put the bulging pants of the other models to shame, but this was just lust, surely? Nothing more and nothing less and she knew – her mother had told her often enough – how dangerous lust could be.
Henri looked at her, his chocolate-brown eyes full of something that she couldn’t define. Was it hurt? Confusion?
Probably just sexual frustration.
“So we really have to go now?” He cocked his head to one side and waggled his eyebrows.
“Yes!” She laughed in spite of the disappointment that throbbed between her own legs. “Get dressed!”
“One moment,” he whispered.
Catrin’s mouth fell open as he unzipped his fly and freed his generous erection.
“Oh!” She sighed, realising that he needed some attention. She wanted to give him some. Right now.
She placed her hands on his hips then slid down to her knees. Taking his length into her hands she caressed him firmly, the way she knew that he enjoyed. A shiny bead of liquid appeared at the tiny slit at the end of his cock and she licked it away.
“Chérie!” he moaned.
Catrin ran her lips over the end of him then slid him into her mouth, inch by delicious inch. She flickered her tongue around his girth and moved her hands rhythmically, each time taking him deeper into her. She knew how good it felt to have his length inside her and she clenched internally with excitement at the thought.
“So good, Catrin!” He exclaimed. “Très bien!”
Catrin inhaled his scent, the sweet musk of his skin mingled with his zesty shower gel. He made her hungry. She wanted to consume him. Her pussy tingled with need. Her core muscles fluttered in anticipation.
She increased her pace. She wanted him to feel her desire for him, to know that in this moment he was hers and she was his. She wanted to be more to him than any other woman ever had been or ever would be. She might struggle to articulate her feelings, might be too afraid to ever admit to them, but she could show him.
Again and again and again.
As he swelled inside her mouth and froze, she cupped his balls then tilted her head, taking him from tip to base.
He exploded in one final shuddering movement and she swallowed his essence, circling him gently as his movements slowed, wanting him to enjoy every second of her attention.
When she released him from her mouth, he lowered to his knees in front of her and cupped her face. His eyes were full of emotion. Her stomach flipped in response. What did this mean? Was this more than just sex to him?
He pulled her to him and kissed her, long and full on the lips and she melted into him. Her feelings scared her. She was so attracted to him and she wanted to give him the pleasures he bestowed upon her. Yet there was something else here that she was trying hard to ignore. Like a sweet wrapper in a silent cinema, it was crackling at her outer edges, and she wanted desperately to dismiss it. To feign indifference to its presence. To believe that this was just about lust.
How long she could do this, she didn’t know. Henri was getting to her in a way that no other man ever had. This was no crush, no infatuation.
What on earth was she going to do?
She released herself from his embrace and grabbed her purse from the bed where it had somehow landed. Had she flung it there?
Look at what was happening to her! She had a head full of scrambled eggs! She extracted her iPhone and quickly pulled up her email. Thinking business was always a good way to calm herself.
Her career was what mattered.
It was all that mattered.
Wasn’t it?


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Book Release – Phantom Lover – by Tamaria Soana

Phantom Lover by Tamaria Soana
Add to your Goodreads TBR

Every night Olivia longs to fall asleep in hopes that once again she’ll be joined by her phantom lover.

Can true love transcend life and death?

Olivia Shaw-Clayton’s life revolves around her job ever since her husband was killed eight months ago in Iraq. She slaves away at her desk in hopes of numbing the pain of her loss and the guilt of longing to fall asleep once again to be joined by her phantom lover.

Olivia was out waiting for her friends
at Vipers after work, when in walked the most gorgeous man that she’d ever seen
wearing an Army uniform. He was tall and built like a god. She watched as he
took off his coat and placed it over his shoulder.  She licked her lips at the sight of him in a
t-shirt.  His huge arms were covered in
tattoos. She knew she was staring, but couldn’t tear her eyes off of him.
Finally, she turned away and took a sip of her almost empty drink. When she
looked up again, she found the most amazing hazel eyes gazing at her. She
thought her heart was going to stop right there. He smiled and began to walk
toward her.
“Hello, my name is Aaron Clayton and I
was wondering if you’d do me the honor of having a drink with me?”  He extended his hand.

Olivia bit her lower lip and took his
hand in hers. He smelled just as good as he looked. It was a mix of amber,
musk, and spice.

“Hi,” she finally sputtered out as he
brought the top of her hand toward his mouth. She cleared her throat. “My name
is Olivia.”

“Nice to meet you, Olivia.” His
smoldering eyes never left hers as he placed a gentle kiss on top of her hand.

 Her heart fluttered and a warm jolt rushed
through her body. A feeling she’d never had before. All her senses seemed at
that moment to be on fire. All she could think, smell or breathe was this
stranger that stood in front of her. She cleared her throat again, in hopes of
snapping herself out of the trance she was in. “I’m meeting my friends, but I’m
early, so a drink sounds great.”

He smiled. My friends are in the back
playing pool, but they can wait.” He winked. “What are you drinking?”
“Gin and tonic, please.”

He leaned toward her. “I’ll be right
back,” he whispered in her ear.

A shiver went down her spine and her
stomach fluttered as she watched him walk toward the bar. By God his ass is
fine! Her mind swirled with all the things she would like to do to that body.
Get a grip. Olivia. You just met him and you already want to jump his bones.
Olivia looked around the bar and noticed that most of the girls’ eyes were on
Aaron. Jealousy spiked through her veins but at the same time she felt a little
smug that he’d walked up to her. Now all she needed to do was figure out how to
get to know him better. If she had her way she would be underneath him by the
end of the night.

“Here you go,” he said as he handed her a
drink. “So, Olivia, tell me about yourself?”
 She quickly glanced around at all the other
females glaring at her and a large smirk crossed her lips. Ladies, eat your
heart out! He’s talking to me. She quickly focused her attention on the god in
front her, smiling at her with the sexiest dimples she’d ever seen, and she melted.

Tamaria Soana is middle aged, but just feels her life has begun. She writes sexy contemporary romance stories that always end with a ‘happily ever after’. Growing up she loved to read and make up new places in her head to escape to. In her late teens she began writing short stories and poetry; it wasn’t until her late thirties before she began to spin a full story.

She’s married and a stay-at-home-mom of two beautiful young girls, they reside in Western New York. Cuddling up with a good book under an electric throw is her way to escape the cold Buffalo nights.

Besides writing, she co-owns Shades of Rose Marketing and hosts a talk show on Talkshoe called Live with Tamaria ~ Giving authors a voice.

Author Links: Site | Facebook Author Page | Twitter

Book Release – Trying Too Hard – by Molly Ann Wishlade

Hey there!

Well, life has been chaotic since Xmas, to say the least, and I don’t think it’s going to let up for a while. Between the day job, writing and being a wife and mum, I have my hands FULL! But I thrive on being busy and I am really enjoying seeing more of my writing out there!

This week sees the release of my first modern romance, Trying Too Hard, with Carina UK. I’m so excited! It will be released on 28th January, just in time for the RBS Six Nations Rugby! So if you’re feeling that you’d like to get in the mood for this exciting rugby championship, then Trying Too Hard might be the current read for you!

Here’s the beautiful cover and the blurb:


What’s the French word for lust…?

Hired as an intern at a coveted talent agency, blonde bubbly Catrin Owens knew she could be brilliant at the job. The code of conduct is crystal clear – business is business, pleasure is pleasure…and the two should never, ever meet! No problem for Catrin – she’s hardworking, and determined to excel. Until, that is, she meets the 6 ft-something wall of lean muscle that is her boss’ top client…

Scarred, and brimming with forbidden sex appeal, the French rugby star Henri Chevallier crashes through the walls of Catrin’s neatly-ordered life – and throws her polished professionalism aside like a scrap of sheer French lingerie!

The sex is fierce, exhilarating…life-changing – and almost all the more exciting as she knows she’s risking the career she dreamed of. Catrin knows she should step away. The problem? Henri is a temptation she can’t seem to resist…

If you’d like to pre-order a copy, or even if you prefer to wait until the 29th, here are the buy links:




In the spirit of release day excitement, I’m going to gift a copy of Trying Too Hard from Amazon, so post a comment if you fancy reading about the gorgeous Henri and what he gets up to with the beautiful Catrin! 😉

You can also head on over to my Pinterest page to check out the rugby hunks on my Trying Too Hard board. What’s not to like!?

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Book Release – Find Me – by Ella Jade

Find Me by Ella
Time Travel
love that transcends time…
her 25th birthday approaches, Riley Sparrow begins to dream of a handsome,
intriguing stranger. Each night the dreams get more intense and the stranger
starts leaving her clues to his whereabouts. The dreams always end in a
has denied her birthright her entire life. She descends from a strong line of
witches and warlocks, but she’s refused her powers up until now. With the help
of her estranged grandfather she learns that her mystery man is from the past
and his life is in danger. Will her grandfather help her travel back to 1963 to
save the man she believes she’s meant to be with? A man she knows nothing about
but feels a strong connection to.
she finds him, can she save him from the evil that haunts them both? By
securing his past, she knows there can never be a future for them in her time.
Warning: contains sensual sex scenes
Riley closed her eyes and let the heat of
the water engulf her tired muscles. Resting her head against the bath pillow,
she cleared her mind. The steam seeped out from the bubbles and swirled around
the room. Soon the mirror and windows were fogged and a scented mist surrounded
the bathroom, creating a relaxing atmosphere. A week’s worth of sleepless
nights had taken their toll and Riley drifted off.
squeak of the faucet and the silence that followed distracted her tranquil
thoughts. She opened her eyes to find him sitting on the edge of the tub
looking at her. For a moment, she felt self-conscious. She glanced down and
discovered her body covered in thick, white bubbles. He couldn’t see anything
but the tops of her shoulders, neck, and face.
he said. “I was afraid the water would overflow.”
I awake?”
shook his head. She noted his green eyes sparkled even in the dim lighting of
the bathroom.
then how—”
complicated.” His thin, pink lips formed a small smile. “I can’t explain now.”
isn’t enough time to make you understand while you’re in your current state. We
need much more time. You can get that for us.”
you real or am I crazy?”
very real, just stuck between realms. I’ve been waiting for you for a long
time.” He slid off the side of the tub and knelt down on the floor. “I’m afraid
I can’t stay very long. I keep trying to figure out how to increase the length
of my visits but nothing seems to work.”
don’t know you.”
will.” He reached for the clip in her hair. “May I?”
he’d freed her hair from its confines, he smoothed the damp locks out with his
hand. “I like when you wear it down. It’s so pretty.” He continued to stroke
her hair. “You’re just as beautiful as I remember.”
do you know me?” She shifted her position to face him. She breathed in his
crisp scent. He smelled of spice, maybe a hint of cinnamon.
He trailed off when his gaze caught her exposed breasts. He looked lost in a
distant memory.
she’d turned to face him she’d upset the bubbles shielding her. Her nipples
hardened as she watched him take in her flesh. She no longer felt embarrassed.
have to go.”
keep leaving me. I don’t like it.” Each time he left, he took a small piece of
her with him.
why you need to find me.” He leaned forward. “I know you can. You’re very
powerful.” He brushed his lips against her mouth. A rush of warmth coursed
through her and settled between her legs. “Find me, Riley.” He kissed the
corner of her mouth, lingering a second longer than usual. She took the
opportunity to run her tongue along his soft lips. “Find me now.”
She wanted more than anything to find this man. “What do I need to do?”
he whispered.
Riley slipped off the bath pillow and under
the cold water. She quickly sat up and looked around. The bubbles had
evaporated into the freezing water.
Did she turn the faucet off? Or did…
must be crazy.
She thought for a moment. Her mystery man
had left her a big clue tonight. Now she needed to figure out what Tucker
Sparrow had to do with any of this. It looked as if she would be paying a visit
to a man she hadn’t seen in a decade.
Jade has been writing for as long as she can remember. As a child, she often
had a notebook and pen with her, and now as an adult, the laptop is never far.
The plots and dialogue have always played out in her head, but she never knew
what to do with them. That all changed when she discovered the eBook industry.
She started penning novels at a rapid pace and now she can’t be stopped.
resides in New Jersey with her husband and two young boys. When she’s not
chasing after her kids, she’s busy writing, attending PTO meetings, kickboxing,
and scrapbooking. She hopes you’ll get lost in her words.
You can connect with her at:
Ella is running a Rafflecopter contest until February 4th, so click here to enter:
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Book Release – A Love Unfinished by Bethany-Kris

Thanks so much to Molly for letting me stop by to introduce Dani to you. She seems quiet, but the girl has some fire behind her sweetness, I promise you that.

Your name: Dani Heartview  

1. Could you tell me a bit about your story?


After my ex-fiancé, Holden, disappeared one morning without so much as a word, I was left heartbroken. I ran off to New York desperate to start fresh, to get away from the past I shared with him. A year after his disappearance, he shows back up in my life like he hadn’t missed a thing and demanding me back. But this new Holden, well, he’s nothing like the old one in some ways. Physically, emotionally, and characteristically different, I knew there was something going on with him.

Finally, I got it out of him. He’s a dragon, or he shifts into one.

Suddenly, things started to make a heck of a lot more sense.

2. Do you have a habit  you wish you could break?

The anxious smoking. It’s not social, or regular, but when I go into a panic, I smoke. Kind of ridiculous, I know. Crappy for your health, too.

3. What feature/s do you like most about yourself?

My eyes—they’re the window to the soul, after all.

4. What feature/s do you dislike most about yourself?

See above. I can’t get away with too much.

5. Do you consider yourself to be an introvert or extrovert?

Before Holden left, I was pretty extroverted. Now, I’m sadly introverted. But I’m getting back there.

6. What is your idea of a perfect day?

Now? Holden, a camera, the forest, and the dragons. That’s all I need.

7. If I asked you to write an entry in your journal what would it be about?

Forgiveness. Being humbled by the weight of it and how it feels to give it.

8. Tell me something no one else knows about you.

Holden knows everything about me. So, it’s not something no one knows. I’ll watch scary movies because I like them but be terrified for a week after because I did watch it. It’s an addiction. A horrible, nasty cycle.

9. What makes you happy?

Finding home.

10. What makes you sad?

Losing home.

11. What was it about Holden that made you fall in love with him?

He told me I was the first thing to ever feel like home to him. What more did I need?

12. What’s next for you?

Our story isn’t done, yet. Things like us can’t be left unfinished, so we’ll be around. Leading our clan, staying together, and loving like crazy.


A Love Unfinished by Bethany-Kris

Genre: Paranormal Erotic Romance

Length: 95k—Full length novel.

Release Date: January 10th, 2014

Publisher: Evernight Publishing


Over two decades ago, an attack on The Clan of Cobalt left families of dragons in ruins; now, with the clans able to start rebuilding their lives, history is beginning to rewrite, one dragon and one mate at a time…

Dani Heartview spent a year running from the past she can’t forget and it’s about to catch up in the form of Holden Levy. When he suddenly disappeared, she was devastated, but now he’s back. Even if she can’t deny their connection, the man who returned is vastly different from the one who left.

With Holden’s secrets uncovered, the Alpha dragon inside the man is demanding for its mate to be claimed, but there’s danger lurking close by. Still, his abandonment is a monster she can’t shake. Can she forgive to restart their life, and if she does, can Dani handle exactly what it means to be a dragon’s mate?

Clans of Fire, Book One


“Get away from me,” I hissed. “You have no right to be here.”

Emotion broke through on his handsome features, marring it with sadness as my eyes blurred with unshed tears. “Please, Dani…”

“Stop saying my name.” My voice was rising to an unhealthy octave. My heart was pounding at a too fast pace. Why would he be here? He had to have known I wouldn’t want him here. “Stop sharing my fucking air. For God sakes, get out of my space, Holden.”

“Ouch, man.”

Holden didn’t even glance back at his friend. “Shut up, Duran.” There was a timber in his tone, something else I didn’t recognize from the man standing before me. I felt wetness drip down my cheeks. “Oh, Dani, please don’t cry…I didn’t come here to make you cry, baby.”

Baby? “Who in the hel—”

“Dani!” Jade was out of the kitchen and rushing over to my side. She barely noted the men or my heartbroken expression. That, or she mistook it for the pain of the coffee spill. “Did you get burned?”

“I’m fine.” Those words were the biggest lie I’d ever spoken.

“She’s not,” Holden replied quietly. “Could you get a cool cloth and the first aid kit, if you have one?”

“I’m fine,” I repeated. “Jade, could you handle these guys, please?”

“Dani, wait.”

“Holden, I swear to God if you don’t walk out of this place right now and never look back, I will…” I couldn’t finish my sentence because there wasn’t anything I didn’t already feel for him. Hate. Love. Desire. Disgust. I felt all of that. With him being so close, it only served to make me more confused. Defeated, air rushed from my lungs, in a harsh exhale. “Leave, right now.”

Jade appeared lost. “Um…okay, I’m going to grab the first aid. You’re going to stay here and sit down.”

Duran smiled at Jade when no one responded. “Thanks, sweetheart.”

Holden hadn’t taken his eyes off me. When he moved forward, I backed up. “Don’t come any closer. I don’t want you near me.”

Agony pulled Holden’s full lips into a frown. “Let me explain.”

“I told you this wouldn’t be the best place to approach her,” Duran said. “We should have waited.”

“We don’t have that kind of time.”

“Why haven’t you left?” I asked, feeling a seething rage beginning to take over my initial shock and pain. “Have I not made it clear enough yet that you’re not welcomed?”

“You made it clear.” Holden’s gaze flickered up to the ceiling, a tick showing in his strong jaw. “But it’s not that simple. One minute, Dani. That’s all I’m asking for. After all we were, don’t you owe me that?”

“Owe you?” My hands trembled. The sudden burst of fury and courage that swept over me was all consuming. I stepped up to him and slammed my fist into his chest. Holden barely flinched and the action hurt me a great deal more than it must have him, but emotional pain registered in his eyes. “I owe you. Are you fucking insane? You left me, Holden. Left me in Tennessee with nothing. Not a goddamned explanation, not a goodbye…nothing!”

I hit him in the chest again, disbelief coursing through me. “How could you ever say that I owe you after everything you did to me? I waited for months. I called your phone every day. I texted, emailed, and left messages until your inbox was full. You could have been dead if not for that stupid note. I defended you when it was clear you didn’t want me anymore … Once, Holden. All you had to do was answer me back just once! You up and walked away from me, from our home, and our life without a single care in the world. And you have the audacity to say that I owe you anything?”

“Do not…” he growled, face suddenly mere inches from mine, “…say that I just walked away from you, Dani. I never would have walked away from you like that had I been given the choice. Ever.”

His response only served to fuel my rage. “Well, excuse me for living. What would you call me waking up to an empty house, with a note on the counter, and no you to be seen again, exactly?”

Anger clouded his face. “What did that note say, Dani?”

“Holden, calm down.” Duran was up off the bench, a hand on his friend’s shuddering arm. Rippling tension flowed between the men, but my former lover and fiancé didn’t register the one person attempting to help the situation. No, his focus was solely on me. “Come on, we’ll do this another time.”

“You won’t do it ever again,” I spat hatefully.

“Yes, I will. I have to. I can’t be me without you.” That confession struck me like a knife in the chest, the blade twisting painfully. Holden breathed deeply, the fight suddenly gone from his body as quickly as it came. “I will always come back for you. I lo—”

“No, you don’t. You never did. If you had, this…” I said with a wave at us, “…wouldn’t have happened.”

Buy Links:

Amazon | Evernight Publishing | Bookstrand | All Romance ebooks |

Author Bio:

Bethany-Kris is a Canadian author, lover of much, and mother to two young sons, two cats, and two dogs. With her children under her feet, animals at her side, and spouse calling over his shoulder, she is nearly always writing something…when she can find the time.

Author Links:

Blog | Twitter | Facebook | Amazon | Goodreads

Book Release – Scion’s Dragon – J. Annas Walker

Scion’s Dragon
House of Dracul, Book 3

A Siren Erotic Romance

Categories: Erotic Romance, Contemporary, Paranormal, Vampires/Werewolves
Word Count: 53,038
Heat Level: SEXTREME
Published By: Siren-BookStrand, Inc.


The vampire rebellion is over. Princess Cassandra Yvette Dracul, Scion of High Prince Vlad Dracul IV, aka Cassy Daniels, and David Ashe tried to put Avalon behind them. However, new threats stalk the couple. Vampire politics and werewolves are hard at work, hoping to bring down the royal family.
Cassy’s problems don’t end there! Her pregnancy woke her inner dragon. Slaking her bloodlust just became nearly impossible. The answer? Dragon’s blood! When the shipment arrives, someone has tainted it, giving her inner dragon more control. Cassy learns the real meaning of being a Dracul.
With a hostile takeover by another house underway, David finds the magical bond that ties him to Cassy is taking on new powers. Can he use them to save her? Will he be able to help his wife before she destroys everything? Can Cassy hold the dragon in check? With this many obstacles thrown at them all at once, is a greater force driving it? They just wanted a quiet life together, but can that ever happen?

antique grey

About the Author
I started my love affair with vampires as a kid by reading Bram Stoker’s Dracula. It was the only vampire book our little local library branch had back then. Then, I discovered mail order books and fell in love with the tortured characters in Interview with a Vampire. In the mid 80’s, the most amazing thing happened! My family bought a VCR, and I was finally able to see movies! All the vampire flicks I could beg for flickered across the screen, making the love affair into a passionate, lifelong relationship. Today, I write fantasy and paranormal romance and never pass up a chance to pair up vampires with the less-than-usual characters. Witches and elves currently top my list. I love weaving vampires into legends and myths where none exist. It’s my private world of the erotic, weird, and wonderful, and I invite every reader to go along for the ride.

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She pointed at the human forms on the ground. “Check them for the marks. If they match, you have your rogue vampire house. If not, you have another slave rebellion. However, you gave me my freedom, and I intend to use it,” she said, touching the smooth surface of the mirror once more.
She blew across the surface and uttered the trigger word, “Baile.”
The Irish Gaelic word for home stirred the mirror’s magic. A small portal opened in front of her. On the other side, a dimly lit room with black leather walls and a massive oak four-poster bed waited for her return. As she walked through, she looked back over her shoulder at Cassy and gave her a fanged smile. Then, the portal collapsed, and she disappeared.
“Check them for the marks,” Vlad ordered.
David called out from the water’s edge, “These all have the same tattoos.”
Cassy searched the bodies around the cabin. All but three matched. Someone had tried to obliterate the top mark with burn scars and added a second mark below the scar. The thought of these people being treated like cattle made her sick.
Vlad joined her, looking down at the replacement marks. “The ones in the voods are the same. Ve vill have to look up the old owner’s marks to find out who they vorked for,” he said, laying a hand gently on her shoulder.
The sound of helicopter blades whooping drew her attention to the sky. Lights searched the ground for a place to land, but she knew the forest lacked a suitable pad. A rope ladder with metal rails dropped down from the sky.
Vlad’s phone rang. “Yes?” He paused as he listened to the man on the other end. “That vill not be necessary. She is vell enough to climb. David can help her.” He turned off the phone and tucked it in his pocket. Without further instruction, he walked over to the ladder and started climbing up to the hovering helicopter.
Cassy gave a startled jump when David took her hand, not having noticed him beside her. “I don’t think I can do this,” she said.
“If you can run through the tree tops, you can climb a ladder,” he said encouragingly.
“I don’t want to die,” she said, staring at the helicopter’s blades.
“You’re not going to die,” he assured her.
“Die? Who said anything about dying? I don’t want to fly,” she said, looking at him now.
“That’s not what you said. I clearly heard you say die. The crash has made you afraid to fly, hasn’t it?”
A wave of empathy came across the magical bond. She felt him send her an understanding and calming hope. He seemed to give her an unspoken promise of this time things would be different. He took her in her arms and kissed her softly on the lips.
Vlad’s voice came over the loudspeaker. “Come on, you two. Fuel is not free or unlimited.”
David laughed and motioned for Cassy to take the ladder first. She managed to swallow her fear long enough to get several feet off the ground before David overtook her. She sensed a thread of panic as he positioned his body over hers.
“Stop climbing and hold on tight!” David shouted over all the din. He made a gesture to the crew above and looped his arms through the side ropes.
“What’s going on?” Cassy knew her foreboding slowed her down but not to this extent.
“We’ve got company!” David shouted.
The ladder started reeling in slowly at first and then faster. Looking down, she saw the reason for the sudden urgency. Snapping jaws and growls came from below. More werewolves tried to grab the lowest rungs with their teeth as they jumped. Cassy saw more coming through the woods to join the ones below.
Images of being dragged back down into the sea of snarling, snapping teeth terrified her. A flutter from her middle gave her another reason to worry. What if their goal was not to just capture her? What if they wanted to destroy her and the baby?
Finally, the ladder pulled them up to the helicopter. The noise of the four blades hurt her hearing. Out of nowhere, someone stuffed a pair of muffs on her ears. The painful sounds became bearable.
David put her in a seat and helped buckle her in as Vlad closed the large side door. She saw wolves outside of the cabin with their necks stretched up to the night sky. The stance suggested a howl. A few transformed back into human form and knelt by their fallen comrades.
Cassy felt pity for them. If they were still slaves, their master recklessly sent them to their deaths with no regard for them as fellow creatures of the night. If they were wolves in rebellion against an unjust system, why would they all have the same mark? Why wouldn’t they just rebel against their masters to gain their freedom?
Then the thought occurred to her. Maybe they did not want just freedom. Maybe they wanted revenge.

She felt a familiar hand slip over her shoulder, pushing off her tattered top and exposing her skin. Kisses dropped along the back of her neck from one side to another. Fangs lightly grazed her carotid artery, sending shivers up her spine.
She unbuttoned her suit top and let it fall away, leaving her exposed to the man behind her. Topless, she wanted to feel hands on her flesh, touching and caressing her. Her nipples stiffened into rosy peaks. They ached with need. She reached up and rolled the pebbled flesh between her thumb and forefinger. She gave a satisfied sigh.
His fangs grazed her neck as his hands ran the length of her sides, pausing at her hips. A bead of blood welled up on her skin and ran down between her breasts. Strong hands wrapped around her, smearing the thin trickle over her stomach. Deft fingers made short work of her pants buttons and pushed the fabric over her hips. The pants pooled at her feet.
She kicked the pile of cloth out of her way. They disappeared into the silvery mist surrounding them. No walls or ceiling gave a hint as to where they might be. No sound except the ones they made broke the silence. Only their singular heartbeat, their sighs, their breathing echoed in the silvery mist. This was their private world. Nothing and no one else mattered.
Flashes of memory came. A dimly lit parking garage. A basement living room. A tiled shower below ground. A white porcelain tub. A richly decorated room. A bed of orchids in a greenhouse. This time the memories washed through her mind without pain. Although his face was never clear in the memories, she knew this man intimately. She turned around to face him.
Still down on his knees from removing her pants, he leaned in and pressed his face against her belly. Strong hands grasped her ass. Kisses trailed down to her clit. His tongue darted out, teasing her before lapping at her slit. She felt a rumble in his throat vibrate on her skin, but almost no sound made it to her ears.
Wetness trickled from her pussy. She opened her legs a little more, increasing his access to her nectar. Fingers slipped inside her as his tongue worked her sensitive clit. Pleasure rippled its way through her body. Clenching and quivering, she thought she might come at any moment. She ran her fingers through his hair and held his head to her. As his fingers danced across her G-spot in perfect rhythm with his tongue, she cried out. The sensation was unbearably good, almost painfully good. The steady rhythm pushed her to the crescendo. Her orgasm crashed over her and reverberated down to her soul.
This man was more than her lover. He made up the missing piece she searched for, longed for, needed. With him came the air and the light, the moon and the stars. He and their love created her world. Nothing he asked for could ever be too much. Nothing she gave him would be enough. He was more than a puzzle piece in her life. He was her life, and she was his. Tied together by magic and fate, this man held more value than all the treasures of the world.
He stood up, extending to his full six feet, and looked down on her five foot six inches. Silver-gray eyes watched her. A fanged smile flashed, but no spoken words came.
Returning the favor, she dropped to her knees. His cock hung stiff and ready for her. She guided the fleshy rod between her fangs and wrapped her lips around him. Pausing for a moment, she enjoyed the feel of him on her tongue and in her mouth. Slipping further down his shaft, she swirled her tongue back and forth the length of him. Rolling his balls gently in one hand, she began carefully bobbing up and down on his cock. Sucking and teasing the head with her tongue before taking him back into her mouth made him groan. She played with him until she thought she might explode with need.
The taste of his pre-cum elicited a whimper from her. She wanted more. Her speed quickened in her need to taste the tang of his juices. Deeper and faster she stroked his cock to the point of nearly throating him.
His cock throbbed against her tongue. The mushroom-shaped tip brushed the back of her throat, painting it with his sticky pre-cum. His body stiffened in anticipation. The throbbing turned to spasms as he filled her mouth with his creamy orgasm. Tossing his head back, he seemed to cry out soundlessly. He held her head still between his hands as he gave one last spurt of creamy goodness.
She swallowed every drop before sitting back on her heels, allowing him to slip from between her lips. A sense of satisfaction and fulfillment flooded her. Being with this man felt perfect. The rest of the world could fall apart and as long as they were together, nothing else would matter.
Kneeling down to face her, he kissed her tenderly on the lips. Placing one hand behind her head, he rocked gently forward and laid her back in the silvery mist. He took one nipple in his mouth while cupping the other breast. Teeth and tongue teased and toyed with the tight peak.
She wanted to tell him how good it felt to have him pressed against her, but the words refused to come out. The only response she gave was a satisfied sigh. Parting her legs allowed him to slip between them. Her dewy juices ran along the soft folds of her pussy. She felt his cock stiffen once more.

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