…who yeez gonna call?… Blogbusters!… the BUILDING-THE-PLATFORM journey thus far… #TBSU…

Learn from the master!!! 😉

Seumas Gallacher

…it always starts with something kinda wee… ye know like when ye try tearing off just a wee corner of the wallpaper that’s sticking out and annoying ye?…next thing ye know, half the room’s been stripped… or have yeez ever tried eating just onePringle?… impossible, right?… trickles to rivulets, rivulets to streams, streams to rivers, rivers to massive waterways… the correlation to writers BUILDING THE PLATFORM is profound… the phrase, by the way, Mabel, is used by the quill-scraping cognoscenti to denote all the WURK ye undertake to get yerself and yer masterpieces ‘known’, usually on the great labrynth, Internet… it means pawning yer life and every waking nano-second to attachment to the SOSYAL NETWURKIN whirl… but ye have to be selective on the channels ye use… fr’example, this ol’ Jurassic is curtailed to Twitter, Facebook, (Jail an’ all), Goodreads, LinkedIn and THE BLOG… a man…

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