Summer of Love

Summer 2013 was the Summer of Love but not, perhaps, in the way you might be thinking.

My husband’s grandfather’s British bulldog gave birth to four puppies!


What does that have to do with love? I hear you ask.

Well, we fell head over heels in love with the gorgeous babies and we have spent every spare minute there helping out. It’s not just the fact that his grandfather is 78 that has taken us there – although that factored into it enormously. It was also due to the fact that the puppies (and their mum) are such funny, sweet and adorable bundles of fur.


Bulldogs are a breed that I wasn’t previously familiar with but they are great family pets and really bright and inquisitive dogs. They like to interact with humans but they also – at times – exude an air of superiority which suggests that they will listen to what their owner says but not always take heed. Each dog has its own distinct personality and there is a big difference between the males and females. The latter tend to be gentler and more affectionate whereas the males tend to be bursting with mischief and a desire to be involved in EVERYTHING!!!


The puppies are almost six weeks old now and will soon head off to their new homes. It will leave my husband and I broken hearted to see them go because we’d dearly love to home them (and several rescue dogs) ourselves but fulltime employment means that it wouldn’t be fair on the dogs.


Like all canine companions, bulldogs need their owners around to comfort and entertain them. If you’re lucky enough to have one or more, then I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say that they are a great breed of dog and that they make wonderful additions to any family home.


For now, my DH and I will have to hold onto the memories of the summer of love and hope that one day we can have our very own baby bulldog to adore.



Hey there! What are your thoughts? Molly xxx

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