Review of Ann Lethbridge’s ‘Her Highland Protector’

Her Highland Protector (The Gilvrys Of Dunros, #2)Her Highland Protector by Ann Lethbridge
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The story of Niall Gilvry and Lady Jenna Aleyne kicks off with action and it doesn’t stop until the final page. It is exciting, passionate, romantic and addictive.
Lady Jenna is an absolutely delightful heroine! She is brave, beautiful, fiery and sensual – a real Scottish pixie – whilst Niall is honourable, strong, sensitive and brave. Add to this his secret vulnerability and he becomes even more attractive.
The love between Jenna and Niall sparks and then grows into full bloom alongside a plot that twists and turns with gripping pace. Ms Lethbridge creates a vivid picture of another time with the setting, customs and historical details that she finely weaves into the story. Jenna and Niall are restricted by the conventions of their society, as well as their own internal conflicts, so their blossoming love and desire causes heartrending conflict for them both, as well as for the reader.
My favourite character had to be the gypsy Sean, who turns up when least expected and often at the times when he’s needed most. He has an air of mystery about him which leaves the reader wondering if he really does have some paranormal intuition or if he’s just a wily wanderer.
I absolutely loved this novel! Niall is the third Gilvry son, which means that I can now indulge myself by reading about his brothers.:-) 

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