What is love? Why does it make us do things we wouldn’t normally do? Why does it feel so good at times yet sometimes feel so bad? Why do we like to read about it, hear about it and discuss it? Why is it the topic of so many novels, magazines, movies and chat shows?



Love comes in many forms but my focus in this post is romantic love: the love between a man and a woman; a man and a man or a woman and a woman. It can occur at any age and at any stage of your life but when it does, boy does it have an overwhelming effect!

I wanted to write about romantic love today because as a romance writer, it’s such an important topic. My debut novella Desire in Deadwood will be released on 30th August with Total-E-Bound Erotic Romance EBooks and as it’s an erotic romance, its central theme is, of course, love. The sensuality of the novel is highly important but it is wound around the relationship and the passionate love that exists between my main characters: Evelyn and Nate.

©Depositphotos/Clip Art Guy

©Depositphotos/Clip Art Guy

Now, the practical voices out there will no doubt state that love is often confused with lust and yes, I agree that this is true. However, what intrigues me is where the line between the two is drawn and how exactly do you know the difference? Obviously, when you’re immersed in the euphoria of love or lust yourself, it’s very difficult to be objective. Others around you may shake their heads and try to tell you that it’s hormones and desire, all down to physical attraction, but how do they know? Who really knows? And if that’s the case, then how come lots of people are still madly attracted to the partners they love deeply and who they’ve been with for years? Also, how do you quantify love? I don’t think that you can.

When you fall in love it mystifies, overpowers and consumes and this is what authors want to convey to readers of romance novels. Without love, as a concept and as an emotion, there would be no romance novels. Love is integral to any romance plot and each romance author wants to take the reader on a journey with the main characters so that they can see this love emerge, develop and end happily ever after. It is not to be easily won, though! There must be conflict before the HEA but this makes it all the sweeter. The journey is just as important as the destination.

Important to remember, however, is that love is not just the remit of the young and that love and passion do not necessarily fade. I remember my own Granny and Grandpa being madly in love in their seventies and I know other couples of a similar age who really couldn’t exist without each other. Love can grow and change and it must, for if it remained the same as in those very early days, then we’d all burn out within months, even weeks. Yet it can still exist as an incredibly powerful emotion.

©Depositphotos/ gjohnstonphoto

©Depositphotos/ gjohnstonphoto

In Desire in Deadwood, I’ve weaved the story of Nate and Evelyn. They were deeply in love but separated by circumstances which meant that they didn’t see each other for a decade. However, after all that time, when they meet up in Deadwood, their love and desire for each other resurface as if they haven’t spent a day apart. I tried to portray the passionate intensity of their feelings and their struggle to overcome their conflicts so that they can be together. Do they have a HEA? It’s a rhetorical question really but go on, read it to find out!

Whatever romantic love is, whether a chemical reaction designed to encourage us to procreate or a spiritual and emotional connection that defies all sense and reason, I, for one, am really appreciative of its existence. It may cause happiness, it may cause pain, it may bind you to someone for life or just for a short time, but it makes life interesting and it gives all the writers, poets, movie makers and singers inspiration.

Here’s an extract from Desire in Deadwood where Nate and Evelyn are deeply involved in their own conflict:

Her eyes filled with tears.
“I know that I can never make it up to you and I wish so desperately that I could,” her voice cracked.
“Hush now,” he ran a hand up and down her bare arm, his fingers tingling as he caressed her warm skin from the wrist to the shoulder. She was so beautiful. “You need to rest.”
“But I don’t want to rest, Nate. I waited for so long hoping to see you. I don’t want to waste a single minute of our time together.”
“Neither do I,” he submitted to his love for her, the desire that was battling his festering anger towards her. “But I just don’t know if we can make this right.”
“Look at me, Nate.”
He stared deep into her eyes and saw the twenty-one year old Evelyn; the girl she’d been before he’d left. She’d been so innocent, yet so passionate; so sweet, yet so strong. He had loved her with everything he had to give but when she’d betrayed him he’d been broken.
“Underneath it all, I’m still the same woman you loved then. Other things have changed but I’m still the same person in here.” She pounded her fist upon her chest. “I still love you, Nate. I never stopped loving you.”
He cupped her chin and caressed it with his calloused thumb.
“I never stopped loving you either but I’ve been so angry with you, Evelyn. Those first few months away from you, I worked so hard to find gold and then when I struck lucky I couldn’t wait to get back to tell you. I was proud as a cockerel, strutting around telling all the other fellers I’d make my fortune and offer my woman everything she could possible desire.”
“If only I’d known…”
“I staked my claim then wrote to you. I was afraid to leave in case someone else tried to steal it. I knew I’d get a buyer and as soon as I did and it was all done and dusted, I hurried back to you. I had a nugget of gold safe in my pocket ready to give you so as we could make it into a ring and we’d be able to tell our grandchildren that your wedding band was carved from the gold I’d claimed especially for you. What a story that would’ve been.” His eyes misted over as he remembered the dream he’d once had.
“That was a beautiful idea,” she whispered, squeezing his arm.
“But when I got to your Daddy’s ranch…” He hung his head.
“I was gone.”
“It broke my heart in two, Evelyn. I’d been so sure of us and so sure of you. I never suspected for a moment that you’d even consider marrying someone else.”
“Neither did I. It wasn’t what I really wanted, Nate.”
“Then why’d you do it?” he asked, still holding her chin. He watched as her lower lip trembled and she tried to form the words of an explanation but before she could, he covered her mouth with his own and surrendered to the ache in his heart that begged him to hold her, to taste her and to indulge in the joy of loving her once more.
When he stopped for a moment and pulled back to look at her, a tiny sigh escaped her and she leaned towards him, her arm curling around his neck.
“Do you really love me, Evelyn?”
She nodded, her eyes heavy with desire, her lips red and open, ready for his kiss.
“Do you want to be with me again, like before?” His cheeks flushed as he asked the question and he mused for a moment at his own bashfulness. He realised at that moment that he wanted her to want him too; he wanted her to long for him as he had longed for her and he needed her to love him.
“More than anything, Nate,” she placed a hand over heart in a gesture of sincerity.
Nate stood, leaned over and scooped the woman he loved into his arms then carried her upstairs to the bedroom he’d designed with her in mind and lay her down on the bed he’d carved with her image held deep in his heart.




Hey there! What are your thoughts? Molly xxx

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