Not enough time…

Not enough time…

Recently, I’ve read a few blog posts where busy writers talk about how they fit their writing in around their extremely busy lives and I’ve empathised with every single one of them. I’m even guilty of using the rather ridiculous “I need more hours in the day!” I know it’s not possible, of course, and even if it was I don’t think I could cope with any more hours because I work flat out in the ones I already have.

From rising at 6am until falling into bed at 10.30-ish, I’m busy. I wouldn’t have it any other way because I love my life but I wouldn’t mind a bit more time to do the things I really want to do – like writing.

I admitted to a dear friend of mine just this week – you know who you are you lovely lady – that I’m a perfectionist. Now, in a life where many things aren’t perfect, that makes me my own worst enemy. Unfortunate! My wonderful husband constantly tells me I’m a great wife, mum, daughter-in-law, friend, teacher, etc. But do I listen? Of course not! I nod my head, smile, accept his hug then wander off and reprimand myself for not completing everything perfectly that day. If I could just relax a bit and let go, I know it would be good for me. My dear friend told me that it would be better to strive for excellent and relinquish perfect. Good advice, right? I’m trying…

I wonder how many of us, especially women, are guilty of setting ourselves such high standards. From dawn til dusk I want to know that my husband and kids are well fed – was it nutritious enough, did I make sure the salt content was low enough, did they have enough variety….Then are their clothes right – warm enough, properly ironed, colours not too faded, whites bright and shiny… Have I given them all enough quality time? Ooh, I’m not sure…do they all feel loved enough, praised enough? Arghh!!!

You get the idea!

A typical week day involves: 8am we leave the house, drop the kids with my angelic mother-in-law then head off to teach until 3.30 – 4.30, depending on whether we’re running extra lessons. Arrival at home involves making dinner, sorting the bearded dragons, helping kids with homework and doing my own marking, planning and general household duties. When kids are tucked up in bed and I finally feel that everything might just be finished to my ‘high standards’, I write. How I LOVE that time!

Now, the past few weeks have seen a slip in my writing pattern due to having extra work – we have a school inspection next week. (Oh the horrors of it! I really wish they’d just come in unannounced and take us as they find us because the build up to it is worse than the actual experience of it, believe me!) So my lovely time in the evening, my precious writing time has been reluctantly handed over to extra school work. And lesson planning – that’s no easy feat for me either! A power point to accompany a lesson can take me hours because it has to look just as good as it is in terms of activities!

However, once this week is over, next weekend is MINE…ALL MINE!!!! *CRAZY LAUGHTER*

I intend to resume normal activities and to reclaim my writing time. I have a work in progress which is currently eating away at me (the characters need to be released: to live, laugh, love, cry – they won’t give me any peace at the moment, they keep whispering in my ears and they really are haunting my dreams) and so many other ideas developing in my busy brain that I’m not sure which one will escape next!

So…I had to squeeze in a blog post because my brain needs to vent…just a bit!

Come visit with me and tell me how busy you are. I love hearing other people’s stories!

Now, if I can just get through this coming week…


7 thoughts on “Not enough time…

  1. Lordy, you are one busy lady! I am lucky enough to be a stay at home mum of one teenage and one pre-teen daughter so I write while they are at school. I treat my writing as my job and take it seriously so I write five days a week from 8.30-3.30, no socializing (apart from Twitter, of course!) or housework. Once the kids are home, I’m out and about taking them here, there and everywhere, food shopping or doing chores…in between, I sneak more time at the laptop and do this until about 7pm. Then it’s laptop off and family time. Family time is important when you’ve got teenagers!

    Hang in there…soon you’ll be rich and famous and be able to give up the day job 😉

    Rachel x

    • Hey Rachel, thanks for commenting! You are one BUSY lady too! I love your image of ‘sneaking’ laptop time – I’ll bet all writers are guilty of that! 😉
      I do hope that you’re right about the future…it would be amazing…but for now I’m trying to treasure every precious – if busy – day! xx

  2. My ‘not enough time’ is my writing life and part-time job. Since I got a contract, I’ve picked up more hours at work so I can spend some money on giveaway items for my website. I’m also doing social media like mad when I can so I can build an audience because this book might have a late summer release! *yikes!* I’m also busy designing books covers, creating the items for the giveaways, proofreading the dang book, blogging, and working on my literary magazine. This leaves little time for me to beta read for a friend and continue the new book I’ve started. But I’m hoping to be able to write tonight when I meet up with a writers’ group tonight where we just write away and switch editing tips and what not.

  3. Firstly, congratulations on your contract!!! It’s so exciting isn’t it? My debut novella ‘Desire in Deadwood’ has a summer release with Total E Bound and I can’t wait!
    Good luck with your writing tonight – hope it’s productive and enjoyable. How nice to have a supportive group!
    Keep me posted about your release so I know when and where it’s available. 🙂

  4. Hi Molly,

    I’ve been having a couple of those days full to the brim with details! Could I just borrow some of your brilliant organizing skills and perfectionism, please? Blink twice and you’ll be my age and retired, and thinking back to your present life with a mix of thank-goodness-we-made-it-through and nostalgia!

    Huge hugs,


    PS I’m with you chanting one more week, one more week! Writing, ho!

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