Love’s Debt by Rachel Brimble

Sensual, sweet and a real page turner – plus total value for money! This lovely
tale features a strong yet vulnerable heroine and a gorgeous, strong yet
sensitive hero. It was addictive reading and I devoured it one Saturday
afternoon and I recommend that you do the same!

Milly is the kind of heroine you want to be: determined, diligent and generous and Joseph is the dream man: devoted to his wayward father but prepared to put even him aside for the woman he loves. The tension that builds from the moment they meet is delicious and the love scene is deeply sensual. I definitely believed by the end that these two would…SPOILER ALERT…live happily ever after.
My favourite image had to be: “…a smile as powerful as breaking dawn…”. What more can I say?!
Looking forward to reading more by Rachel Brimble!


Hey there! What are your thoughts? Molly xxx

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