Carole Remy’s Twelve Nights

TNErotic, intellectual, emotional and bundles of fun! Carole Remy’s novel is all this and more. ‘Twelve Nights’ is a delightful tale of twins Boo and Boo…or rather, Aggie and Angela, and their joint journey to fulfilment (emotional, financial and lots, and I mean lots of the physical kind).
I laughed, I cried and I chewed my nails, wondering who’d turn up each evening to meet the adorable Jimmy and, a few times, I actually shouted at the characters to put their pride away and go declare their feelings – which is exactly what I want in a sexy romance novel. I want to feel what the characters are feeling; to care about what they do and Ms Remy achieves this in ‘Twelve Nights’. Throw in the respect to Will Shakespeare, some lovely references to literature and art history, some glimpses of Canada and I was hooked!
An addictive read with a conclusion that left me…spoiler alert….warm, happy and a bit tearful 🙂


Hey there! What are your thoughts? Molly xxx

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