A Letter from Amber

Dear Readers,

I am so excited that my story Wanton in the Wild West has been released with Evernight Publishing and I do hope that you will pick up a copy and let me know what you think.

I asked Molly Ann Wishlade to tell my story of growth from single girl to satisfied woman with a future full of hope because I felt that she understood me. I whispered to her for weeks until she agreed to put aside one wip for a while, in order to write about me.

So what happens to me in Wanton in the Wild West?

A lot.

When I set out homeward bound from Chicago to Deadwood, I didn’t really want to go home. I’d had a ball at Miss Claudia’s house and returning to Deadwood to find a dull old husband or even worse, a man who would treat me like my step-father treated my mother was a fate I was dreading!

So when Gideon and Harry arrived to escort Maisie and me, I was over the moon! I literally flushed with heat from head to toe. They are both so gorgeous and…well…you can read more about them if you read the novella. I have to tell you though…they both stirred something naughty in me and I just couldn’t behave myself!

All I can say is I am so grateful for the broken train tracks! Whatever happened there gave me the chance to spend some time with Harry *sigh* and with Gideon *blushes* and I definitely learnt a lot that hot, sultry afternoon. It was a wonderful and, might I say, comprehensive education!

Here’s a little teaser extract from when I first saw Harry naked:

Amber couldn’t take her eyes from Harry’s naked form.
The sketches in Miss Claudia’s book hadn’t prepared her for this. The broad shoulders looked even bigger without his shirt, and his chest was smooth and tanned. Small light brown nipples pointed out from bulging pectoral muscles. His stomach rippled when he moved from side to side, and as he turned, she admired how his tight ass curved up from his muscular thighs. She had a sudden urge to sink her teeth into his flesh.
She had never seen a naked man before, and she realized now how different men and women really were. Her own body, and those of the young women she’d been with, was soft and smooth. It was hairless except for the ebony curls on her pussy and the fluff beneath her arms. But Harry had thick hairy legs and white blond hairs on his forearms, which caught the light as he moved. A long line of hair also snaked downwards from his bellybutton to his cock as if put there deliberately to point to his glorious member. He reminded her of a drawing of a Greek god in a history book in school.
He was glorious…strong>

I hope you enjoyed it!

Are you wondering what I did with that glorious man? If so, why not get yourself a copy and find out!

Amber xxx